Bor, Alexis | 8 Nov 18:21 1994

Any updates to the Dir Sync draft?

I have been making some edits to the Dir Sync draft and plan to put the new 
draft out later this week.  I hope this will give people enough time to 
review and comment before the next meeting so I can do another draft in time 
for our next meeting in Gaithersburg, MD on December 13-15.

bora <at>

Bor, Alexis | 30 Nov 15:48 1994

REMINDER: Next Dir-Sync Meeting - Dec 13-15

This is just a reminder to everyone that the next XAPIA Directory 
Synchronization meeting will be held on December 13-15 in Gaithersburg, 
Maryland at NIST.  This is a joint meeting with the OIW Directory Services 

At the meeting I hope to finalize all edits to the document and solicit 
volunteers to prototype implementations to validate the specification.  At 
this point, I hope to have this document finalized as version 1.0 and if any 
deficiencies are found during prototyping, they will be corrected into a 
version 1.1 of the document.

See you there!

Alexis Bor
Chair, XAPIA Directory Synchronization Technical SubCommittee
bora <at>