Bor, Alexis | 12 Jul 01:04 1994

Interim Meeting in Chicago and other Notes

This is just a reminder that we will be meeting in Chicago next Monday.  The 
primary purpose of this meeting is to try to complete as much as possible of 
the document and if things work out, have an NADF representative explain 
some of the technical details so that we can incorporate their work, as 

It is still unclear whether or not we will have a representative from NADF 
there, but no matter what, we must move the document forward.  I will be 
bringing a laptop to the meeting and expect to have lots of edits.  Also, I 
plan to stay on for the week and attend the EMA Directory Committee meeting 
which will be held on Wednesday.

Here are the meeting details for those who can make it.

I have a room change for the XAPIA Meeting in Chicago. It will now be held 
at the Hotel Inter-Continental Chicago in the Toledo Room on the Fifth 
Floor. The time is the same, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., on Monday, July 18. 
  The room is being arranged by the EMA - thanks to Paul Moniz of EMA.

If you plan to stay on for the EMA meetings, please contact Paul at

 Paul Moniz, Project Manager
 Electronic Messaging Association
 Phone: 703/524-5550
 X.400: G=paul; S=moniz; O=ema; A=mci; C=us
 Internet: pmoniz <at>

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Larry Campbell | 12 Jul 04:17 1994

Re: Interim Meeting in Chicago and other Notes

Do you have a draft document for review?  I will not be in Chicago (I hate
travelling and anyway I am too busy to tear myself away) but I do want to
stay informed about this work.

- Larry Campbell
  The Boston Software Works
  campbell <at>

Bor, Alexis | 12 Jul 22:02 1994

More Details on Directory Sync Meeting in Chicago

Al Grimstad of Bellcore will be at the meeting and will present the NADF CAN 
approach at 10:00.  I am expecting that we will take about an hour on his 
presentation and tutorial, with any questions being resolved by the end of 

 -- Alexis

Bor, Alexis | 13 Jul 21:25 1994

Dir Sync Meeting Location

The XAPIA Directory Synchronization meeting location is:

The Inter-Continental Hotel
505 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, Il  60611

We will be starting at 10:00 AM in the Toledo Room on the fifth floor.

Alexis Bor
Chair, XAPIA Technical Subcommittee on Directory Synchronization
bora <at>