Kalyan (Srinivas)Tata | 3 Mar 01:30 2011

Re: AD review of draft-ietf-vrrp-unified-mib

Hi Adrian,
Thanks again for the review - I made most of the changes suggested by you - I listed some of the changes for any
comments &
I have couple of questions/clarifications inline:


Creation and deletion of a vrrpv3OperationsTable row

[kalyan>>>] This is what i have based on your suggestions. Please comment if this looks OK

    vrrpv3OperationsEntry OBJECT-TYPE 
        SYNTAX       Vrrpv3OperationsEntry 
        MAX-ACCESS   not-accessible 
        STATUS       current 
            "An entry in the vrrpv3OperationsTable containing the  
             operational characteristics of a virtual router.  On a 
             VRRP router, a given virtual router is identified by a
             combination of ifIndex, VRID and the IP version.
             ifIndex represents a interface of the router.

             A row must be created with vrrpv3OperationsStatus
             set to initialize(1) and cannot transition to
             backup(2) or master(3) until vrrpv3OperationsRowStatus
             is transitioned to active(1).

             The information in this table is persistent and when 
             written the entity SHOULD save the change to non-
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