Vincent Ricard | 28 Aug 19:47 2002



In the several drafts that i found, i've not seen the group feature like in the rfc2426. The groups aren't
supported ?




Anders H. Andersen | 15 Nov 09:15 2001

latest vCard DTD

Where do I find the latest version of the XML vCard DTD?

I have only been able to lacate the expired draft.

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Kian Haghdad | 26 Feb 12:02 2001

Software engineer


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I am Canadian resident and have permission to work in Canada.
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Handren Mokri | 4 Jan 13:46 2001

A simple question


In some articles writes that XML is a semistructured document, is that
If that is the case, what do they really mean?

Thank you
Handren Ahmed

Luc Pugeat | 20 Jun 10:02 2000

Where is the DTD

Hello, has expired.
Where I could find the last DTD?


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Massimo Marchiori | 15 Dec 11:48 1999

P3P and vCard-in-XML

Dear Frank, time ago I was asking for information on vCard, for the W3C's P3P 
activity. P3P is now coming back on the vCard issue, and I'd need to go on with
the dialogue. The main point here is that P3P has now gone to "last call" status, 
which is the final status before it can actually become a world standard.
As you can check from the specification , section 4
defines a simple schema mechanism which has many common points to vCard. 
In the design phase, we tried to keep the basic P3P schema as much compatible to 
vCard as possible (in particular, the P3P basic schema should be a direct 
subset of vCard, when similar fields are defined).
Anyway, the vCard-in-XML draft now has the effect that eventually there will be
two different standards for the definition of personal fields in XML. 
Although both easily mappable one into the other (and in general, to vCard), this
makes us wonder if there is the possibility of a deeper integration (if it's
worth). That is to say, can P3P and vCard-in-XML arrive to smooth differences
as much as possible (in the ideal case, be one)? Or this is simply not possible, 
or too late due to timeline factors? How much room is there for such an aligning?
I'd appreciate your opinion on this important point.

To this extent, feedback from companies that are going to support vCard-in-XML 
is also important. I know of the Microsoft's effort with Office 2000 (that Lisa
Lippert forwarded to us time ago). Are you aware of any other efforts?

Thanks, and hear you soon,

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| The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)  545 Technology Square    |
| MIT Laboratory for Computer Science  Cambridge, MA 02139, USA |
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fansss | 4 Dec 13:06 1999

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Martin Lee | 27 Nov 14:26 1999

revised DTD

I've reworked the DTD to resolve some issues that have been raised. I
believe this represents an improvement on the first draft, please feel
to disagree.

The attribute lang becomes xml.lang , the language attribute of
native XML.

The number of elements and entities that can occur many times has
been reduced. Although this does not form a truly identical XML
representation for vCard as specified in RFC 2426, it does form a more
meaningful representation of the data. e.g. you can only have one
first name, one family name, and one birthday.

The element n now takes a language attribute, its child elements
(family, given, other, prefix, suffix) no longer take the language
attribute. This is to force one language representation for each n
element, instead of one n element holding multiple language
representations.  This does deviate from RFC 2426, but I think it
makes the XML representation easier to implement and read.

I suggest this should be added to whole draft document and submitted
as either a new draft, to replace the existing document which will
expire soon, or possibly form part of a submission for a proposed
standard, or an informational  specification, to the IETF.

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Martin Lee | 24 Nov 13:46 1999

Re: vCard XML DTD comments 02

I wanted to reply to the comments of Randal Leavitt that havent been
already addressed.

1) "... However, if we want to have a vCard in Chinese what do we do?
Tokens such
as "VOICE" and "MSG" will not be vary understandable in China. I think
we need a
separate DTD for each language. ..."
This is an implementation issue. The DTD is not visible to the end user,
neither should the
raw data be, it needs to be interpreted by a parser and presented in an
appropriate way
to the user. Only the developer needs to understand the DTD, if they
need an entire
translation of the specification then they need to have it translated.
Appropriate language attributes for tags and use of unicode mark-up
should make a
vCard-XML document presentable in any language.

2 ) "In Section 2 the attribute "lang" is defined. I think it would be
better to declare this
attribute as "xml:lang" to more closely follow the XML standard."
I agree. The two attributes are identical. "lang value is a valid RFC
1766 language string",
from the  DTD. "The values of the attribute [xml:lang]  are language
identifiers as defined
by IETF RFC 1766" from , the
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Martin Lee | 12 Nov 12:41 1999

categories without items

The element categories is defined as:
<!ELEMENT categories (item)* >

This implies we can have a categories element in the absence of any
i.e. just an empty tag, <categories></categories>.

I can see no reason for explicitly allowing empty elements. Defining
categories as:
<!ELEMENT categories (item)+ >
forces categories, if present, to have at least one item of information.

Attachment (martin.vcf): text/x-vcard, 429 bytes
Martin Lee | 12 Nov 12:25 1999

Element name uri?

The preamble to the DTD maps the Vcard Type Name 'URI'
to the XML element name 'uri', and defines the content model
to be PCDATA. But the element 'uri' isnt defined in the DTD
and RFC2426 doesnt define a Type Name of URI.

Have I misunderstood something?
Should %prop.exp contain uri and an element definition be
Or is this a mistake in the preamble?

Attachment (martin.vcf): text/x-vcard, 429 bytes