Tom Taylor | 20 Nov 01:15 2008

Types review: new parameters for audio/mpeg4-generic

Review is requested for the parameters defined below. These parameters are 
optional additions for media type audio/mpeg4-generic. The quoted IANA 
Considerations section comes from draft-ietf-avt-mps-01.txt.

Tom Taylor
AVT Co-Chair


5.  IANA Considerations

    This memo defines additional optional format parameters to the Media
    subtype mpeg4-generic.  These parameters SHALL only be used in
    combination with the AAC-lbr or AAC-hbr modes (cf. [RFC3640] section

5.1.  Media Type registration

    This memo defines the following additional optional parameters which
    SHALL be used if MPEG Surround data is present inside the payload of
    an AAC elementary stream.

       MPS-profile-level-id: A decimal representation of the MPEG
       Surround Profile Level indication as defined in [14496-3].  This
       parameter MUST be used in the capability exchange or session
       set-up procedure to indicate the MPEG Surround Profile and Level
       that the decoder must be capable in order to decode the stream.

       MPS-config: A hexadecimal representation of an octet string that
       expresses the AudioSpecificConfig (ASC) as defined in [14496-3]
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Phil Archer | 1 Dec 14:16 2008

Request for two new media types submitted

To whom it may concern,

On behalf of the W3C POWDER Working Group I have have today submitted 
two registration requests for Media Types. As cited in those requests, 
the key documentation is section 4 of Protocol for Web Description 
Resources (POWDER): Description Resources [1]. Although this is formally 
published as a working draft, we are close to reaching our Candidate 
Recommendation exit criteria and therefore expect to seek transition to 
Proposed Recommendation later this month.

The reference numbers returned following the submissions were 208572 and 
208576. These requests complement the separate request to register 
'describedby' as an ATOM relationship type (currently under consideration).

If I have missed any important detail or of you have any queries, please 
contact me, preferably copying in the POWDER WG's public mailing list.

Thank you.

Phil Archer




Phil Archer

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