Black, David | 1 Jul 01:42 2015

draft-ietf-tsvwg-rsvp-app-id-vv-profiles - interest?

The tsvwg and mmusic WGs have two related drafts that have expired.  Noting a dearth of community
engagement, the authors have raised the question as to whether interest still exists in these drafts and
whether the work should continue.  The drafts are:


The intent of these drafts is to allow for fine-grained classification of traffic flows by introducing a
"traffic class label" such as "" or ""
that can be signaled to various entities in the network.  Within SDP, the labels can be used by certain
network elements like SBCs to assist in prioritization of media flows or DSCP marking at network edges,
identification of various types of flows active in the network, to give instructions to endpoints on how
to signal traffic classification to network elements (e.g., via RSVP), or to instruct endpoints as to
which DSCP value to apply to traffic flows (assuming a local mapping is defined), etc.  The companion work
in tsvwg is targeted at use of the traffic class label concept within RSVP, allowing a network router or
switch to better determine how to handle RSVP requests, to map a given traffic classes label to a specific
DSCP value (facilitates proper remarking of flows), etc.

If there's interest in pursuing this work, please post to the list or let the WG chairs know.  Absent
interest, draft-ietf-tsvwg-rsvp-app-id-vv-profiles will likely be removed from the tsvwg WG's list
of planned work sometime after the Prague meeting.

David L. Black, Distinguished Engineer
EMC Corporation, 176 South St., Hopkinton, MA  01748
+1 (508) 293-7953             FAX: +1 (508) 293-7786 <at>        Mobile: +1 (978) 394-7754
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gorry | 30 Jun 17:48 2015

New draft: draft-khademi-alternativebackoff-ecn-00.txt

A group of us have been working together to get better than current ECN
using a simple sender side change (this is not intended to compete with
work on Accurate ECN) and only the existing router ECN marking.

Please see the draft below, and do send comments and questions to this
list. In particular we'd like to know if others have interest in this work
being presented to the TSV WG.

(just an individual author)

> Begin forwarded message:
> Resent-From: <michawe <at>>
> From: <internet-drafts <at>>
> To: Michael Welzl <michawe <at>>, Grenville Armitage
<garmitage <at>>, Michael Welzl <michawe <at>>, Gorry
Fairhurst <gorry <at>>, Naeem Khademi <naeemk <at>>,
Godred Fairhurst <gorry <at>>, Grenville Armitage
<garmitage <at>>, "Naeem Khademi" <naeemk <at>>
> Subject: New Version Notification for
> Date: 30. juni 2015 kl. 16.08.27 CEST
> A new version of I-D, draft-khademi-alternativebackoff-ecn-00.txt
> has been successfully submitted by Michael Welzl and posted to the
> IETF repository.
> Name:		draft-khademi-alternativebackoff-ecn
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gorry | 28 Jun 10:06 2015

** DRAFT Agenda being built for Prague **

Here is the current Agenda for TSVWG - if you are on the list and have not
confirmed to the Chairs - please send an email. We will then allocate
timing to presentation slots.

Best wishes,

Gorry & David
(TSV WG Co-Chairs)

    tsvwg Session 1 (2:00:00)
    Thursday, Afternoon Session II 1520-1720
    Room Name: Karlin I/II size: 125
    tsvwg Session 2 (2:00:00)
    Wednesday, Afternoon Session III 1740-1940
    Room Name: Congress Hall III size: 225

TSVWG Meeting at IETF 93, Prague, CZ
WG Chairs: Gorry Fairhurst and David Black
Note Taker 1: <??>
Note Taker 2: <??>
Jabber Scribe: <??>

1. Agenda

2. Status/updates (WG Chairs) - 15 minutes
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RFC Errata System | 25 Jun 19:59 2015

[Technical Errata Reported] RFC4960 (4400)

The following errata report has been submitted for RFC4960,
"Stream Control Transmission Protocol".

You may review the report below and at:

Type: Technical
Reported by: Julien Pourtet <j.pourtet <at>>

Section: 5.1.6.

Original Text
                                    /-- INIT ACK [Veri Tag=Tag_A,
                                   /             I-Tag=Tag_Z,
    (Cancel T1-init timer) <------/              Cookie_Z, & other info]
                                         (destroy temp TCB)
    COOKIE ECHO [Cookie_Z] ------\
    (Start T1-init timer)         \
    (Enter COOKIE-ECHOED state)    \---> (build TCB enter ESTABLISHED
                                   /---- COOKIE-ACK
    (Cancel T1-init timer, <-----/

Corrected Text
                                    /-- INIT ACK [Veri Tag=Tag_A,
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FW: [saag] Request for review: new version 'Network Management of Encrypted Traffic'

I've just posted this to SAAG, any comments from the transport group members would be kindly appreciated.
Many thanks

-----Original Message-----
From: Smith, Kevin, (R&D) Vodafone Group 
Sent: 19 June 2015 12:25
To: saag <at>
Subject: [saag] Request for review: new version 'Network Management of Encrypted Traffic'

Hi all,

Please may I ask for review of the updated version of 'Network Management of Encrypted Traffic' [1]  - thanks
for the previous feedback. Issues can be raised on this thread or via [2].


All best,

gorry | 16 Jun 10:31 2015

TSVWG Status Update June 2015

The list below shows the WG Chairs view of the status of the TSV working
group documents as we see it. Please check below and comment on drafts
using the list. Please do send any corrections/omissions to the chairs.

Gorry & David
(TSVWG Chairs)
June 2015

Document recently published:

RFC 7496 draft-ietf-tsvwg-sctp-prpolicies - Additional Policies for the
Partially Reliable Stream Control Transmission Protocol Extension -
Document Shepherd: Gorry
IDs in RFC Editor Queue ( :

draft-ietf-tsvwg-sctp-dtls-encaps - PS - Document Shepherd: Gorry
Replaces: draft-tuexen-tsvwg-sctp-dtls-encaps-01
WG adopted 13/12/2013. Support {AB, IR, SL, MB, TD}
[Milestone: Jan 2014, PS] Implemented in Firefox (FF21).
Required by RTCweb. Comments received.
WGLC ended 28th February 2014.
Comments from Joe Touch (draft updated)
Review comments and revised ID published.
Eric Rescorla has reviewed this.
All authors confirmed no IPR
Write-up submitted, Comments and revised ID.
IESG evaluation: Completed.
RFC Editor: MISSREF - waiting for draft-ietf-tsvwg-ndata
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gorry | 15 Jun 09:46 2015

Agenda request for the TSVWG meeting in Prague

It is time to start building the TSVWG meeting agenda for the Prague IETF

• As usual, if you edit a WG draft, please contact the chairs and let us
know whether we should expect a short update or whether you think you
could benefit from a longer slot to discuss issues.

• If you would like to present other work in tsvwg, please send an email
to the Chairs asap - so things can be discussed on the list prior to the
meeting.Note: please be sure to embed "tsvwg"in the filename of all new

Please send requests as soon as possible.


Gorry & David
(tsvwg Co-Chairs)

Jose Saldana | 13 Jun 17:25 2015

RV: New Version Notification for draft-suznjevic-tsvwg-mtd-tcmtf-05.txt

Hi all,

We have also submitted a new version of the "delay limits" draft.

Best regards,


> -----Mensaje original-----
> De: internet-drafts <at> [mailto:internet-drafts <at>]
> Enviado el: sábado, 13 de junio de 2015 17:21
> Para: Mirko Suznjevic; Jose Saldana; Mirko Suznjevic; Jose Saldana
> Asunto: New Version Notification for draft-suznjevic-tsvwg-mtd-tcmtf-05.txt
> A new version of I-D, draft-suznjevic-tsvwg-mtd-tcmtf-05.txt
> has been successfully submitted by Jose Saldana and posted to the IETF
> repository.
> Name:		draft-suznjevic-tsvwg-mtd-tcmtf
> Revision:	05
> Title:		Delay Limits and Multiplexing Policies to be employed with Tunneling
> Compressing and Multiplexing Traffic Flows
> Document date:	2015-06-13
> Group:		Individual Submission
> Pages:		18
> URL:  
> 05.txt
> Status:
> Htmlized:
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Jose Saldana | 13 Jun 17:24 2015

RV: New Version Notification for draft-saldana-tsvwg-tcmtf-09.txt

Hi all,

We have just submitted a new version of the TCM (Tunneling, Compressing and Multiplexing) draft.

Best regards,


> -----Mensaje original-----
> De: internet-drafts <at> [mailto:internet-drafts <at>]
> Enviado el: sábado, 13 de junio de 2015 17:16
> Para: Dan Wing; Fernando Pascual Blanco; Julian Fernandez Navajas; Julian
> Fernandez Navajas; Muthu Arul Mozhi Perumal; Fernando Pascual Blanco; Jose
> Saldana; Dan Wing; Muthu Arul Mozhi Perumal; Jose Saldana
> Asunto: New Version Notification for draft-saldana-tsvwg-tcmtf-09.txt
> A new version of I-D, draft-saldana-tsvwg-tcmtf-09.txt has been successfully
> submitted by Jose Saldana and posted to the IETF repository.
> Name:		draft-saldana-tsvwg-tcmtf
> Revision:	09
> Title:		Tunneling Compressing and Multiplexing (TCM) Traffic Flows.
> Reference Model
> Document date:	2015-06-12
> Group:		Individual Submission
> Pages:		27
> URL:  
> Status:
> Htmlized:
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gorry | 11 Jun 13:57 2015

Finishing: draft-ietf-tsvwg-sctp-failover


There is some editorial work needed to prepare
draft-ietf-tsvwg-sctp-failover for IESG review. The RFC 2119 usage
generally now looks good. Can I encourage you (Karen) as the document
editor to take the XML and provide the final edits needed to finish this.

I believe the WG was promised it would be sent to the IESG before IETF-93,
which means starting a WGLC in a week or two.

Best wishes,

Gorry & David
(tsvwg co-chairs)


As I recall the proposed next steps from the last IETF meeting were:

•  All technical issues raised including standards language, are (believed
to have been) resolved. &#8232;
•  BUT... some re-structuring would still be beneficial, given PS &#8232;
•  Next step would be a -11 revision:
&#8232; – Implement the agreed technical resolutions&#8232; – Still
improve language and some restructuring

Extract from notes of meeting:

          Michael: If the heartbeat is not disabled by the user, then must
            send these faster. If not, then follow the user. If you make the
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Paul E. Jones | 4 Jun 00:56 2015

Fw: [apps-discuss] James Polk

For the benefit of those not on the apps-discuss list...

------ Forwarded Message ------
From: "Alissa Cooper" <alissa <at>>
To: apps-discuss <at>
Sent: 6/2/2015 5:14:42 PM
Subject: [apps-discuss] James Polk

I wanted to let you know that our colleague and friend James Polk passed 
away last week. James participated in the IETF for over a decade. Over 
the years he made many valuable contributions that spanned the areas, 
with particular focus on SIP, emergency services, geolocation, and 
differentiated services. Beyond his technical work, he sought to make 
improvements in the role of WG chair and the IETF overall. I think we 
all knew him as a fierce defender of the solutions he believed in who 
also had a softer side. He will be missed at the IETF and at Cisco.

Please keep James' family in your thoughts.