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Dave Crocker | 5 May 08:09 1996

MailConnect 1: Interoperability Event for MIME and IMAP Testing

                              MailConnect  1

            An Interoperability Event for MIME and IMAP Testing
                 Sponsored by the Internet Mail Consortium

                   <mailto:imc-mailconnect-request <at> imc.org>

As Internet mail grows into its new role supporting mission-critical
corporate communications, it is essential that we ensure proper
interoperability among implementations from different vendors. To that end,
the Internet Mail Consortium proposes an interoperability testing event in
the classic Internet style. Roll up your sleeves, crank out your code, and
test your implementation with your competitors'. Competition in open
systems requires open cooperation to achieve the level of interoperability
customers demand.


This MailConnect 1 Interoperability Event will emphasize MIME and IMAP.

 - MIME has achieved a solid position for supporting multimedia
communication through email, but there are rough edges which require
attention. Some parts of the MIME standard, such as the multipart/related
and multipart/signed types, are just starting to be used in significant

 - IMAP is an old specification with new facilities promising substantial
improvement for mobile and client/server mail environments.  IMAP4
implementations are now emerging and broad interoperability testing will
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Louis S. Berman | 8 May 21:21 1996

SMTP Problems

Help!  I have a SMTP control that seems to work just fine with
Window95/NT socket, Trumpet and several others, but it does not work
with Compuserve's and GNN's WinSock.  The symtom is that the client
talks to an SMTP server up until the point that the client sends a
final <CRLF>.<CRLF> at the end of the first message that it is sending
to the server, but the server does not respond with a "250" message as
expected.  Any ideas would be helpful!
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R D Cameron | 29 May 07:39 1996


this is a test of the emergency broadcast system.

R D Cameron | 29 May 07:54 1996

surprise attack!

Destiny Turns on the Radio... and it's playing Jimmy Buffet.

Ridley D Cameron | 29 May 08:16 1996

mess with the best and die like the rest

Yeah.  Crash Override wins again.

Ridley D Cameron | 29 May 08:24 1996

talking to myself


Ridley D Cameron | 29 May 08:37 1996

don't believe what you see


see no fear
speak no evil
are you screaming out to no one
as you fall down a mountain of pride
now take me
now lead me from you
now take me
from the light that's dying in your eyes

photograph me sleeping. You get 10 out of 10 points for style, but 
subtract 1,000,000 for good thinking.

sleep comes like a drug.

Good night, doll.

Andrew Lonmon-Davis | 30 May 05:07 1996


I am looking for software which will allow me to act as an e-mail service 
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  We'll be moving our machines to Princeton over the weekend, so all lists
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Unless we experience unforseen problems, everything will be back in service
either Saturday evening or Sunday.
  Sorry for the inconvenience.