Dr Stephen Henson | 17 Jan 14:36 2000

Re: BobDHEncryptByCarl.cer

> Jim Schaad (Exchange) wrote:
> It is well known that the parameters don't validate according to the
> spec.  I am in the process of trying to get valid parameters according
> to the DH spec.  Notice that for the DH keys, the seed is not of
> sufficent length.  If you allow for the seed length then they should
> validate.

Well I did allow for the seed length in that I ignored the fact it
wasn't long enough but I still can't get the values given.

Has anyone independently checked these?

I verified my code against the parameter test vectors in a draft X9.42
DH and they agreed, unfortunately all the examples had m=160 which meant
certain parts of the algorithm weren't used. Does anyone knows of any
other examples with m > 160?

Thanks, Steve.

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