Jeanetta Scherer | 5 Aug 19:57 2012

One man or woman can change the whole life, do you agree?)

One of my friends showed me ur account page and I became aroused in anticipation of seeing u and know each
other a little bit closer. 
I know for sure u couldn't be against of knowing me better after examining account of mine too. 
What I can tell about myself? I am a petite redhead girl with beautiful face and great figure. 
My name is Jeanetta and I'm 24 yo. Examine my photos! 
Write me back. 
I'll be glad to see you!


если хочешь знакомства

Yan Derrick | 19 Aug 05:22 2012

Hey! My name is Yan!

Hi! :)
I found your page on the internet a few days ago and I gotta say that I was amazed. I do not know what it is but You
got something that draws everyone around to you. I did not notice how this letter almost got finished.
I almost forgot, my name is Yan))
I travel a lot and I really love it) I always wanna go somewhere and I think I'll go on until I found someone whom
I'd like. So anyway I like to get to know new interesting people from all over the world...
Could u tell me something about yourself?))) What kind of man're you? What do you like? Why would u like to
write me tomorrow? ;)
Can't wait for your answer. Please write me back when you get chance.
See ya

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