Patrik Fältström | 27 Jan 20:15 2000

Closure of the SCHEMA wg

To the SCHEMA wg

Because of the unfortunate problems of actually creating the listing
service specified in the documents of this working group, I don't see that
the working group will succeed with the milestones given in the charter.
The documents are from my point of view basically done apart from the text
which is supposed to describe the actual listing service itself, and that
text can not be created until the listing service exists.

I have therefore reported to the IESG on jan 27 2000 that I have the
intention to close this working group if nothing happens within the next
two weeks (before feb 10 2000).

If the schema registry is created some time in the future, I see no
problem restarting the work with these issues where I see the wg
has stalled, but not in this wg.

    Patrik Faltstrom
    Area Director, Applications Area

Alan Knowles | 4 Feb 15:58 1999

What has happened to the Jan Deadline?


According to the Charter, The LDAP schema registry was supposted to be
going now, Is there someone actively developing this now?

The main reason to ask, is that I have done about 1/2 the work towards

It uses an LDAP database to store the existing schemas, and these pages
are a set of flat files generated from this.

At present I dont have the resources - like a full time net connection,
or finnacial to keep developing this on a full time basis..

If someone is already working on this? - There is not too much point in
continuing?? - however - if not, Do any of the companies that are
represented on this group feel like sponsoring this little project?????

Anyway, I'm open to ideas..




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If the answer's not at , then 
let me know, 'CAUSE IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE!
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How to be removed from this list

Greetings again. Occasionally, people will sign up for a mailing list and
forget how to be removed. This message is a reminder for those folks.

First off, when you subscribe to a mailing list, you almost always get a
first message from the list owner telling you about the mailing list, and
explaining how to unsubscribe. It is always a good idea to keep those
messages, since you never know when you will need to unsubscribe. This is
particularly useful when you change email addresses, because it is difficult
to unsubscribe from a list after you have a different mailing address.

In the case of this list, the method to unsubscribe is to send a message
     ietf-schema-reg-request <at>
with the single word:
in the body of the message. This is the same as it always has been.

To make this easier for you, I have crafted this message so that you should
be able to simply reply to this message, and the reply address should be
ietf-schema-reg-request <at> (although some mail clients screw this up...).
Remove everything from the body of the reply, and put in the single word:

If you have tried this method, and the mailing list software won't let you
unsubscribe, it is probably because your address has changed. In that case,
please send a message to subs <at> stating which list (or lists) you
want to unsubscribe from, and what you think your previous address was.
There is a human (that's me!) who will then try to take care of your
request, often within a few days.

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Kurt D. Zeilenga | 16 Dec 20:37 1998

Schema Repository Experiment

We are going to initiate an experiment with hosting an open
Schema Repository using FAQ-O-MATIC software.  FAQ-O-MATIC
is an interactive web content maintenance system.  We have no
clue to how this is going to work out nor even a scheme.

We are just going to do it!

Folks interested in contributing to this experiment
are welcomed to join in the fun.

The EMPTY faq-o-matic is available at:

I recommend discussions concerning this experiment
take place on the OpenLDAP-devel mailing list until
a separate mailing list is warranted.

(Yes, I am aware of the Schema Repo drafts...
hopefully we can use some of the ideas here to get
this effort jump started.)

Enjoy!  Kurt

Sanjay Jain | 12 Oct 22:52 1998

Some questions regarding LDAP schema registration

  Could somebody please answer some of my questions
  regarding LDAP schema registration process ?

  1. Is there now a process to register an LDAP schema ?
      I remember some work was started sometime last year.

  2. How can I find out which LDAP schemas people have
      defined so far ?

  3. Is there a process to avoid conflicts in attribute names
      and object class names in the LDAP schemas defined
      by various people ?  If not, then how do 2 LDAP directory
      applications which define a same attribute name (or object class)
      with different semantics work with a single LDAP directory ?


Kenneth Suter | 19 Aug 17:59 1998

draft-ietf-schema-ldap-01 edit

In Appendix 2, LDAP Schema Definition syntax definition, a note should
be made as to the use of folded lines being used in examples are for
readablility and that new lines are not part of the definition.

The IESG | 10 Aug 14:48 1998

Last Call: Directory Schema Listing Procedures to BCP

The IESG has received a request from the Schema Registration Working
Group to consider Directory Schema Listing Procedures
<draft-ietf-schema-proc-list-01.txt> as a BCP.

The IESG will also consider publication of the following
Internet-Drafts as Informational RFCs:

 o Directory Schema Listing File Names
 o Directory Schema Listing Meta Data
 o Requirements for the Initial Release of a Directory Schema
   Listing Service
 o A MIME Content-Type for WHOIS
 o MIME Directory Profiles for Listing Whois++ Schema
 o A MIME Directory Profile for RWhois 1.5 Schema
 o MIME Directory Profile for LDAP Schema

The IESG plans to make a decision in the next few weeks, and solicits
final comments on this action.  Please send any comments to the
iesg <at> or ietf <at> mailing lists by August 31, 1998.

Files can be obtained via
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Internet-Drafts | 4 Aug 15:50 1998

I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-schema-ldap-01.txt

A New Internet-Draft is available from the on-line Internet-Drafts directories.
This draft is a work item of the Schema Registration Working Group of the IETF.

	Title		: MIME Directory Profile for LDAP Schema
	Author(s)	: M. Wahl
	Filename	: draft-ietf-schema-ldap-01.txt
	Pages		: 8
	Date		: 03-Aug-98
   This document defines a MIME directory profile [1] for holding an
   LDAP [2] schema.  It is intended for communication with the Internet
   schema listing service.

   The key words 'MUST', 'MUST NOT', 'REQUIRED', 'SHALL', 'SHALL NOT',
   this document are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119 [4].

Internet-Drafts are available by anonymous FTP.  Login with the username
"anonymous" and a password of your e-mail address.  After logging in,
type "cd internet-drafts" and then
	"get draft-ietf-schema-ldap-01.txt".
A URL for the Internet-Draft is:

Internet-Drafts directories are located at:

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Mark Wahl | 6 Jul 17:59 1998

state of the documents in SCHEMA

I have not seen any discussion on this mailing list for several months.
Are this group's internet drafts ready for last call to become RFCs?  If
not, what is needed?

Mark Wahl, Directory Product Architect
Innosoft International Inc. / Critical Angle Inc.

Internet-Drafts | 24 Apr 16:02 1998

I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-schema-whoispp-00.txt

A New Internet-Draft is available from the on-line Internet-Drafts directories.
This draft is a work item of the Schema Registration Working Group of the IETF.

	Title		: MIME Directory Profiles for Listing Whois++ Schema
	Author(s)	: L. Daigle
	Filename	: draft-ietf-schema-whoispp-00.txt
	Pages		: 8
	Date		: 23-Apr-98
   This document defines two MIME directory profiles [HOWE1] necessary
   for supporting the definition of Whois++ [FALT1] templates (schemas).
   It is intended for communication with the Internet schema listing
   service ([APPL1], [APPL2], [APPL3], [APPL4]).

   The profiles defined are:


   Also, 5 MIME directory types are defined:


Internet-Drafts are available by anonymous FTP.  Login with the username
"anonymous" and a password of your e-mail address.  After logging in,
type "cd internet-drafts" and then
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Leslie Daigle | 23 Apr 17:12 1998

Draft Whois++ Schema Profile

Please find attached a draft outlining a MIME directory profile for
Whois++ template definition.

Comments welcomed!



  "_Be_                                           Leslie Daigle
             where  you                           
                          _are_."                 Bunyip Information Systems
                                                  (514) 875-8611
                      -- ThinkingCat              leslie <at>

Internet-Draft                                          Leslie L. Daigle
draft-ietf-schema-whoispp-00.txt         Bunyip Information Systems Inc.
Expires in six months                                     April 21, 1998

              MIME Directory Profiles for Listing Whois++ Schema

Status of this Memo

     This document is an Internet-Draft.  Internet-Drafts are working
     documents of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), its
     areas, and its working groups.  Note that other groups may also
     distribute working documents as Internet-Drafts.
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