Stephen Farrell | 4 Aug 14:52 2005

Draft meeting notes

Please find attached the draft meeting minutes.

Let me know if I got anything wrong. Anytime before
I have to post these to the secretariat is fine (I
guess that means the next week or so).


Sacred WG IETF-63 Draft meeting notes

Note takers: 

Tim Moses, Stefan Santesson 
Jabber log: <at>

(Stephen: Thanks for the excellent notes!)


Although sacred has completed all its chartered milestones, the results were
somewhat unsatisfactory since the WG chose not to adopt a strong password
scheme (EKE, SPEKE, etc.).  There is now a possibility that some relevant IPR
positions may have changed, so the WG met to explore this. 

Igor Faynberg (Lucent) and Robert Mol (Phoenix) took actions to clarify their
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