Pasi.Eronen | 10 Feb 09:58 2010

Request for SAAG agenda items


Tim and I are working on the agenda for SAAG at IETF77.  
We would appreciate any suggestions!

Thomas Roessler | 11 Feb 19:15 2010

W3C Last Call: XML Signature 1.1

The W3C XML Security Working Group has released a Last Call Working Draft 
for XML Signature 1.1:

An explanation of the changes against the XML Signature 1.0 specification 
(developed by a joint W3C/IETF Working Group at the time) is available:

Changes are focused on the set of mandatory to implement algorithms and 
markup for relevant key material.

The Last Call period lasts until 18 March 2010; comments can be sent to 
public-xmlsec-comments <at>  The next step in the W3C Recommendation Track 
process is either a Candidate Recommendation phase to collect implementation
experience, or another Working Draft.  We plan to announce further last call 
working drafts (if any) and the Call for Implementations that starts the 
Candidate Recommendation phase to the saag mailing list.

The WG continues its work on a similar set of changes to XML Encryption 1.1; 
that specification is progressing on a somewhat slower time scale than 
Signature 1.1.

Thomas Roessler, W3C  <tlr <at>>

Pasi.Eronen | 1 Mar 13:55 2010

Pasi's AD Notes for February 2010

Here's again a short status update about what things are going on from
my point-of-view. If you notice anything that doesn't look right, let
me know -- miscommunication and mix-ups do happen.

Best regards,


- Planning AD transition with Tim/Sean
- IETF 77 planning with Tim/Sean: SAAG meeting, SecDir 
  lunch, overall agenda
- (not wearing AD hat) draft-krawczyk-hkdf went through IETF last
  call; on the agenda of 2010-03-04 IESG telechat.
- (not wearing AD hat) Waiting for Dan Romascanu to process 
  errata 1955/1956 for RFC 4072 [since 2009-12-09]
- Waiting for IETF Trust's reply on how to contribute pre-5378
  rights to the trust [since 2009-11-03]
- Lot of tools work (code I want to get in decent state before
  my AD term ends)


- draft-ietf-dkim-deployment: discussion ongoing to resolve
  Tim's DISCUSS; currently waiting for Tim to reply [since 2010-02-25]
- Processed errata 1385.
- I still need to review what to do about errata 1532, 1596,
  and 1942.
- Waiting for Stephen and Barry for new charter text.
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