Russ Housley | 9 Sep 18:15 2009

FW: Nomcom 2009-10: Important Reminder: Call for Nominations, Local Office hours, Nominee Questionnaires available

Please assist NomCom ...

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Subject: Nomcom 2009-10: Important Reminder: Call for Nominations, Local
Office hours, Nominee Questionnaires available

Hi all,

This is a 2nd reminder of the Call for Nominations that is underway.  We
*really* need more nominations in order to properly execute the task of
selecting candidates for the open positions. At this time, the number of
nominations for all the positions is about 1/2 of what is necessary for
the Nomcom to do a conscientious job of evaluating the nominees and we
are over 2/3 of the way through the nominations period. Nomcom cannot do
their job without this important input from the community.

So, please consider making nominations for the open positions - it takes
just a few minutes of your time - the details are below.  Right now, we
just need the names/email addresses for the nominees - we'll be
soliciting feedback later. Also, consider that over 1/2 the nominees are
not able to accept the nominations for a variety of reasons - e.g., lack
of funding, lack of sponsor support, etc. Thus, please consider
nominating more than one individual for each of the positions.

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Pasi.Eronen | 1 Oct 17:33 2009

Pasi's AD Notes for September 2009

Here's again a short status update about what things are going on from
my point-of-view. If you notice anything that doesn't look right, let
me know -- miscommunication and mix-ups do happen.

Best regards,


- Sent a liaison statement reply to ITU-T regarding identity 
- Informed NomCom that I'm not running for a second term (see
- Reviewed ROHCoIPsec drafts again for IETF last call.
- (not wearing AD hat): Errata #1628 (for RFC 4742): IANA has now  
  fixed the registry and Dan verified the errata. 
- Tools work: test suite improvements, Django 1.x transition,
  tools authentication model, IESG agenda-related tools, etc.
- Requested room/slot for SAAG and SecDir lunch at IETF76.
- Some discussions about SIDR algorithm agility.


- Waiting for Stephen and Barry for new charter text (noting that 
  current work items are completed and adding 4871bis)
- I still need to review what to do about errata 1385, 1532, and 1596
- Talked about the mailing list with Tim/chairs/Dave; decided to keep
  the current list (and not move it to for the time being,
  since it's DKIM-signing the emails (and 
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