Bernard Aboba | 4 Aug 21:52 2007

Security review of RADIUS crypto-agility proposals?

The RADEXT WG is debating the merits of several proposals for RADIUS 
crypto-agility.  Since the selection process will substantially impact the 
future of RADIUS, we are looking to solicit reviews of one or more of the 

RADIUS Crypto-agility:
HOKEY key distribution:

The selection process is summarized here:
The protocol requirements are available here:

Kevin Craemer | 6 Aug 20:01 2007

15th Annual Network & Distributed System Security Symposium - Call for Papers

Please consider responding to this Call for Papers.

Kevin Craemer
Internet Society

= = = = = = = = =


The 15th Annual Network and Distributed System Security Symposium
The Dana on Mission Bay, San Diego, California
February 10-13, 2008

Paper & panel submissions due: 11:59pm PDT, Friday, Sep 21, 2007.
Author notification: Monday, Nov 5, 2007.
Final version of papers and panels due: Dec 15, 2007.

The symposium fosters information exchange among research scientists and practitioners of network and
distributed system security services.  The target audience includes those interested in practical
aspects of network and distributed system security, with a focus on actual system design and
implementation (rather than theory). A major goal is to encourage and enable the Internet community to
apply, deploy, and advance the state of available security technology. This year's symposium continues
our theme of "theory meets practice" so we encourage submission both from traditional academic
researchers as well as industrial practitioners of applied security with innovative insights.

The proceedings are published by the Internet Society.

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Jeff.Hodges | 15 Aug 19:14 2007

fyi: CFP: Trust and the Future of the Internet

I don't see this on the list as yet, so here goes just in case...


Call for Participation: Trust and the Future of the Internet

The Internet Society (ISOC) Board of Trustees is currently engaged in a 
discovery process to define a long term Major Strategic Initiative to ensure 
that the Internet of the future remains accessible to everyone. The Board 
believes that Trust is an essential component of all successful relationships 
and that an erosion of Trust: in individuals, networks, or computing 
platforms, will undermine the continued health and success of the Internet.

The Board will meet in special session the first week October of 2007 for 
intensive study focused on the subject of trust within the context of network 
enabled relationships. As part of this process, the Board is hereby issuing a 
call for subject experts who can participate in the two day discussion. Topics 
of interest include: the changing nature of trust, security, privacy, control 
and protection of personal data, methods for establishing authenticity and 
providing assurance, management of threats, and dealing with unwanted traffic.

Participants will be selected based on a short paper summarizing individual 
interests and qualifications as well as availability. The retreat will be held 
in Toronto, Ontario (CA) . Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by 
ISOC and participants should expect to arrive October 4th and depart on the 
6th or 7th. Expressions of interest may be emailed to: 
oct07-retreat <at> and papers should not exceed three pages. Papers 
must received by August 24th, 2007 and the Program Committee will make their 
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Sam Hartman | 21 Aug 20:32 2007

Re: Security review of RADIUS crypto-agility proposals?

Bernard, if you want secdir reviews of any of these drafts feel free
to correspond with secdir-secretary <at>
Sam Hartman | 22 Aug 21:45 2007

draft minutes uploaded

Hi.  I've uploaded minutes.  They were kind of sparse; please let me
know if I missed something critical or you have other improvements.

The minutes can be found in the IETF 69 meeting materials tool.
Stephen Kent | 23 Aug 19:46 2007

Re: fyi: CFP: Trust and the Future of the Internet


I would normally respond to this CFP, but I will be on vacation in 
the Galapagos for most of October.

Hope the meeting goes well,