Dan Wing | 5 Sep 00:50 2007

Security Analysis of Voice-over-IP Protocols

I expect this paper will be of interest.



Dan Wing | 20 Sep 20:25 2007

RE: DTLS-SRTP - more work for the SIP group

I support this plan.  

To that end, the authors of draft-wing-media-security-requirements and
draft-wing-rtpsec-keying-eval have combined the documents into one document,
and added Brian Stucker as another co-author of this joint document,

  "Requirements and Analysis of Media Security Key Management Protocols"

   A number of proposals have been published to address the need of
   securing media traffic.  A summary of the proposals available at that
   time is available in the appendix of this document.  Different
   assumptions, requirements, and usage environments justify every one
   of them.  This document aims to summarize the discussed media
   security requirements.  A comparison of the requirements against the
   individual proposals is provided.


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