Maureen.Stillman | 6 Apr 17:09 2006

Draft Minutes for Rserpool - IETF 65

Any comments before I post these to the proceedings?  The slides are
already posted.

Draft Minutes for Rserpool - IETF 65

Lyndon gave an introductory status report for the group.  The group
still has outstanding comments from GenArts review on the architecture,
threats and comparison documents, and these still need to be resolved,
esp. the architecture and security comments.

We also need to proceed faster to get the protocol documents into last
call.  A hum from the participants established that most participants
feel the protocol specifications are in good shape for last call,
although later Randy noted that he had received some comments from
implementers that could be added to further clarify some text.

Reliability for IPFix:
Peter Lei

Peter Lei gave a presentation on the use of Rserpool for IPfix.  There
is strong interest in the IPfix WG for using Rserpool to address
reliability issues, especially for billing records.  RFC 3917 -
Requirements for IP Flow Information Export (IPFix) describe reliability
requirements that are necessary for billing apps.  This internet-draft
shows how the Rserpool architecture fits well with the IPFix device(s)
and collectors to satisfy the reliability requirements.  Some issues
have been raised by the IPFix group that we need to address.  

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