James M Galvin | 13 Sep 22:11 1995


Trusted Information Systems, Inc. (TIS), in cooperation with RSA Data
Security, Inc. (RSADSI), is pleased to provide TIS/MOSS, a reference
implementation of MIME Object Security Services (MOSS).  TIS/MOSS is a
security toolkit that provides digital signature and encryption services
for MIME objects.  TIS/MOSS includes the "glue" necessary for
integration with Version 6.8.3 of the Rand MH Message Handling System,
in addition to generic Bourne shell scripts that make it possible to use
it with email user agents supporting UNIX shell escapes.

In order to foster acceptance of MOSS and provide the community with a
usable, working version of this technology, TIS/MOSS is being made
available for broad use on the following basis.

TIS/MOSS is distributed in source code form, with all modules written in
the C programming language.  It runs on many UNIX derived platforms.  It
includes a DOS compilation directive that facilitates its port to

TIS/MOSS requires RSAREF, a cryptographic toolkit distributed by RSADSI.
TIS/MOSS makes use of undocumented features of RSAREF.  RSADSI has given
permission for users of TIS/MOSS to use these features, subject to the
terms and conditions of both the TIS/MOSS and RSAREF licenses, as
distributed with each software package.

TIS/MOSS is a product of Trusted Information Systems, Inc.  It may be
used by organizations and users for exchanging MOSS email messages,
subject to the terms and conditions of its license.  Enclosed below is
the MOSS Frequently Asked Questions, which includes instructions on how
to retrieve the software.

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