Natale, Bob | 3 Apr 17:48 2007

MIB2RMDL discussion list available


For those who were not at the OpsArea meetings in Prague (or have
forgotten :), we held a mini-BOF on the topic of standardizing a
methodology to convert SNMP MIBs to SOA/WS resource model artifacts
(tagged as "MIB to Resource Model Description Language" (MIB2RMDL),
using "Language" very loosely in this context).

The material presented in Prague is available at  It's
relatively short (13 slides or so) and employs the "repetition is the
key to learning" approach (familiar to all of us from Jeff Case's many
helpful tutorials on SNMP in past years).  

The O&M Area decided to proceed with further investigation of the
MIB2RMDL idea, with the first step being to establish an e-mail list
for discussion of the proposal.  If you would like to participate or
even just monitor the discussion, you can subscribe at

My hope is that the discussion will lead to sufficient definition and
further acceptance of the MIB2RMDL proposal so that we can charter a
formal Working Group at IETF-69 in Chicago this July. 

I will produce and post an updated (-01) I-D in the next week or so,
incorporating input/feedback from the Prague meeting and anything else
that might develop on this list in the meantime.  (Co-authors

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Sanjai Narain | 10 Apr 16:56 2007

Reminder: ACM SIGCOMM INM Workshop deadline is April 26/May 3

Abstracts are due April 26 and papers May 3. The CFP is at


Sanjai Narain, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist
Information Assurance and Security Department
Telcordia Technologies, Inc. 
1 Telcordia Drive, Room 1N-375
Piscataway, NJ 08854
732 699 2806 (T)
908 337 3636 (M)
narain <at>

OPS-NM mailing list
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Romascanu, Dan (Dan | 12 Apr 13:48 2007

Minutes of the OPS Area open meetings in Prague - FINAL VERSION?

Unless I missed some mails during my vacation, I did not record any further feedback to this version. 

Going once ...
Going twice ...
(but not later than this weekend, please)



Meeting 1 - Monday March 19, 2007 15:20 to 17:20 

1. Meeting Administrivia

2. Introduction of new Area Director - Ron Bonica 

Dan - thanking David Kessens for his years of service as Area Director

3. Mini-BOF A: - Manageability and Operational Guidelines - David Harrington

Discussions about the structure of the document - should the protocol evaluation be part of the document? 

4. Mini-BOF B: COPS push mode policy configuration - Tom Taylor and Tina Tsou

Sharon Chisholm: why COPS? because COPS is (apparently) going away 
Unidentified : working at the ITU-T, still some interest 
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Romascanu, Dan (Dan | 12 Apr 13:59 2007

Operations and Management Area Open Hour Calls

Ron Bonica and Dan Romascanu are holding Open Hours to discuss issues
related to the IETF Operations and Management Area on the first and
third Tuesday of each month at noon-1PM PT / 3-4PM ET / 9-10PM CET. 

All WG chairs, document editors, contributors, participants and in
general all interested to talk with us about the area and IETF business
are invited to ask for a meeting slot using the space below, and/or to
write us directly at rbonica <at> or dromasca <at> An
e-mail will be sent in response to acknowledge the time slot and provide
a telephone bridge number to be used in the call. 

The next OPS area open slots are: 

* Tue 4/17

   PT                CET
   12-12:30pm        9-9:30pm  
   12:30-1pm         9:30-10pm  

Ron and Dan

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