Wijnen, Bert (Bert | 13 Jul 14:03 2005

FW: [New-work] OMA New Work - 2 New Work Items Approved

FYI and comments

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Subject: [New-work] OMA New Work - 2 New Work Items Approved

Dear All,
OMA would like to inform all the organisations subscribed to the IETF new-work list of the approval of 2 new
work items:
1 Application Characteristic / Management Object White Paper:
The objective of this work item is to investigate the issues associated with creation of Management
Objects (MO) and Application characteristics (ACs), document known good solutions, and agree upon a set
of best practices for creation of MOs and ACs, as well as information on how to work with OMA on the names and
identifiers of MOs and ACs.
2 Device Management Diagnostics and Monitoring:
The overall goal of the OMA DM Device Diagnostics and Monitoring is to enable management authorities to
proactively detect and repair troubles even before the users are impacted, or to determine actual or
potential problems with a device when an opportunity presents itself. A management authority is an
entity that has the right to perform a specific DM function on a device or manipulate a given data element or
parameter. For example, the network operator, handset manufacturer, enterprise, or device owner may be
the authority or share authority for managing the device.
Both of these work items have been allocated to the OMA DM WG (Device Management Working Group) for
specification creation.
Best regards,
Victoria Gray on behalf of OMA.
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Harrie Hazewinkel | 15 Jul 20:09 2005

Re: [New-work] OMA New Work - 2 New Work Items Approved

On Jul 13, 2005, at 2:03 PM, Wijnen, Bert (Bert) wrote:

> FYI and comments

As someone currently also working on SyncML/OMA technology and
has done so on the OPS-NM side.

In some sense I believe there is a reasonable overlap with the network
management framework of the IETF. Both do have a tree like
management information tree. Although, it is my impression that
the OMA has way less structure (or standardized objects).
This might be that there is just loess to manage currently
if you think only of a mobile phone.

Somehow, I beleive it would be an interesting graduation project
just to make some prototype that would use an SNMP MIB tree
and put it behind a DM server. and the other way around.
Above all, I believe a proper mapping should be looked at
so there is a unique management identification schema
and one could refer to the same managed instance in either


> Bert
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