Chen, Weijing | 26 Nov 22:46 2002

Use Cases of Network Operation of LAP

Bert, Randy, and all,

We have just submitted the 01.txt of "Use Cases of Network Operation of
Large Access Providers".  URL is 

We thus formerly request the reviews and comments from all the participants
of OPS area.  After constructive discussion and modification, we would
further request this draft to be advanced to Informational RFC, either as
individual or WG one.  Thank you for your support.

This draft discusses the typical network operation use cases of Large Access
Providers (LAP).  Since a LAP has hundreds of locations, thousands of nodes,
millions of subscribers, where the law of large number affects the bottom
line of network operation, a LAP has been always strives to streamline
network operation functions.  The use cases presented in this document are
generic with respect to the type of network technology and can be augmented
with technology-specific details.  They are intended to be the baseline for
other network operation streamlining requirements.


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