Cuccias, Frank J | 2 Oct 16:35 2003

Call for proposals (Corporate Sponsored University Grant Program)

Our TFG will be accepting proposals from universities and consortia in the form of a two page proposal (8 1/2 x 11, 1 inch margins). The proposal can be in MS Word, PowerPoint, Visio, or Excel. Please see the schedule below for deadlines:

  • University / Consortium Proposal Deadline - 09 October 2003
  • University / Consortium Proposal TFG Review Date - 15 October 2003
  • TFG Recommendation Submitted to Corporate - 17 October 2003

Universities and consortia can submit as many proposals as they wish, provided they are no more than two pages long. A total of $50,000 per TFG can be allotted for grants. For example, if our TFG decides that two proposals should be sponsored, we will split the grant into two $25,000 awards. The proposals should deal with, but not be limited to, Data Transmission & Communications topics such as:

  • Satellite Communications (GEO, MEO, LEO)
  • Wireless Networking (802.xx)
  • Mobile Adhoc Networking (MANET)
  • Advanced Protocols (IPv6)
  • Encrypted Comm (wireless, copper, fiber)
  • Laser Comm (Adaptive Optics, etc.)
  • Network Centric Warfare

Proposals can be sent directly to: frank.j.cuccias <at> Any questions, please contact: Frank Cuccias 703-367-2544.  Please feel free to forward this on!