| 4 Aug 05:20 2000

Бизнес-Волна 2000

Забудьте все, что Вы слышали раньше о бизнесе в Интернете.

Предлагаем Вам бизнес "Новой Волны".
Полная или частичная занятость в Интернете.

- Ваша задача продавать информацию через E-mail
- Информация - это товар XXI века
- Вы имеете более 40.000.000 потенциальных клиентов
  (по мнению газеты "Коммерсант" от 15 мая 2000 г.)
- Ваша прибыль составит от $700 до $5.000 в месяц

Пожалуйста, если Вы заинтересовались,
получите полную информацию по

announce | 17 Aug 16:23 2000 - See the World is a recently launched website
specialising in providing free LIVE access to over
1,500 webcams and 2,000 Tourist Offices world wide.

Check it out:-

This offers you the chance to check out live and
frequently updated images of your chosen location
through the webcams and get detailed local knowledge
through the Tourist Offices. Along with booking
holidays direct through our travel partner, there is
the opportunity to sell your unwanted clothes and
equipment through our free Swap Shop.

There is a lot to see, so if you have enjoyed your
trip through our site, do tell your friends and let
us know through 'Your Views'. If you have any
suggestions for the site, or queries, please feel
free to contact me at cy <at>

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Charlie Yates

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juliangabrielcolado | 18 Aug 15:40 2000

Fellow Writer

Dear fellow writer:

I have come across a great new website for writers. They are a 
on-demand publisher, and are currently looking for new authors. 
They pay the best royalties in the industry, and the people there 
are writers like us. If you think you might be interested, email me 
and I can send you the link. I already have two titles up with 
them, and they have been very helpful.

PS- if you're not interested, don't reply, and you won't hear from 
me again. I'm not a robot, and your name isn't on some list I 
bought. I'm just kind of a fanatic for writer's rights, and thought 
this might help out some of my fellow writers.

Good luck with your writing,
Julian Gabriel Colado

max sutter | 22 Aug 11:42 2000

Pet Tag Program For shelters and Rescue groups.

You have been referred by a friend and will not recieve any further emails. is proud to announce its PetTag program for animal shelters 
and rescue Groups. 

for more details click on the link below. 

Be sure to visit our main site at 

Thank You, Pet Loss Prevention Program! 

Johan Hjelm | 30 Aug 09:45 2000

Request for review: CC/PP specifications

Dear All,
I would like to request your review of the working drafts for the CC/PP
specification. The latest version of the framework document is available
and the vocabulary document is available at

In case you feel you need more context, the Requirements and
Architecture document outlines the use cases for CC/PP. It is available

We need your comments to move on in the publication process, but we also
need to speed up. So I would appreciate if you can send your comments to
the address in the documents no later than September 15.

Thanks, and looking forward to your comments
Johan Hjelm
Chair, CC/PP WG



     Johan HJELM, Ericsson Research, T/K User Applications Group
                   johan.hjelm <at>
       GSM Mobile +46-708-820315 (works everywhere but in Japan)

                W3C Advisory Committee Representative
                      Chair CC/PP Working Group

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sfaquestions | 30 Aug 03:32 2000

FlowerFunds - Fund Raising Program

SendFlowersAmerica is proud to introduce FlowerFunds--

This unique new concept will provide an income flow for your 
organization for years to come.  Your organization is invited to 
explore the possibilities of participating in FlowerFunds. 

     $FlowerFunds is an individualized fund raising program for 
non-profit organizations and schools.

     $FlowerFunds are cash rebates that are paid to your 
organization each and every time an order is placed by your 
members and supporters.

     $The best part is that it costs your organization nothing to 

How it works:

     1.   When your members and supporters order flowers or gifts 
through sendflowersamerica they determine the price they want to 
pay; be it $30, $40, $50 or $1000.  Since your members and 
supporters determine the price, they all can participate in this 

     2.   Your organization receives 20% of the purchase price of 
the order.  Say a husband buys his wife a $50 bouquet.  Your 
organization will receive a $10 cash rebate. Nice.

This program never ends.  Each and every time there is an order 
placed by your memebers and supporters, your organization will 
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