Tomonori TAKEDA | 4 Aug 03:20 2006

Fwd: Review of L1VPN framework document


For information, we have received comments from our AD and the routing 
directorate review (thanks Ross and Dimitri) as follows.

Currenlty, we are working to resolve issues and update the document.

We may need to go for another WG last call.


Hi Ross, Dimitri,

Much thanks for your detailed comments.

I will update the document based on comments.

Please see some specific comments in-line.


 > >o) inter-SP L1VPNs are introduced in 3.1.3 and 4.3.4 but nowhere else in
 > >the text further discussed in terms of requirements, impact, etc. authors
 > >should decide to address such case consistently

Inter-AS/SP is out of scope of current WG charter.

Therefore, I think current level of description may be good enough. I
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