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administrivia (was: Re: Lithium sweet)

On 6/18/10 1:05 AM, Allison Nelson wrote:


All new list members are now moderated, as are the 6 spammers I've
located among the current list members.



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[XSF-IETF] Re: list rename

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> FYI, with the renaming of the JSF to the XSF, this list will soon be 
> renamed from jsf-ietf <at> to xsf-ietf <at>




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Peter Saint-Andre | 18 Nov 23:14 2004

registry for XMPP URI query components

An Internet-Draft specifying a URI scheme for XMPP is wending its way
through the Internet Standards Process:

The XMPP URI I-D [1] contains the following text:

   In pursuit of interoperability, it may be valuable to maintain a
   registry of query types and perhaps even of keys for use in the
   query component portion of XMPP URIs.  Given that such values will
   most likely be specific to particular applications of XMPP rather
   than core to XMPP itself, it seems reasonable that such a registry, 
   if created, would be maintained by the Jabber Registrar function of 
   the Jabber Software Foundation as described in [JEP-0053], rather 
   than by the IANA.  A proposal for creating such a registry is 
   described in [JEP-0147].

Where JEP-0147 is entitled "XMPP URI Query Components":

In general, we prefer not to burden the IANA with work that will be quite
specific to various XMPP extensions. The range of registries maintained
by the JSF's Jabber Registrar ( confirms 
this. It seems to me that the query component types and key/value pairs
foreseen for inclusion in the query component of XMPP URIs will mostly
be specific to a wide variety of XMPP extensions formalized by the JSF.
Examples in JEP-0147 so far include four use cases addressed in RFC 3921
(sending a message, managing roster items, managing subscriptions, and
probing for presence) and four use cases that apply to protocols defined
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