Harald Alvestrand | 29 Mar 08:12 2010

W3C discussing document copyrights

I feel like I've seen this discussion before....



The result of discussion among the Membership is that there is strong 
support for:

    * a license that allows the reuse of excerpts in software, software
      documentation, test suites, and other scenarios;
    * a license (or licenses) that are familiar to the open source
    * processes that encourage innovation and experimentation about Web
      technology, so that work can be easily brought to W3C for
    * making the HTML Working Group a forum that is conducive to
      participation by the community at large;
    * ensuring that the HTML 5 specification remains valuable to the
      entire Web community (see an update from Philippe Le H├ęgaret on
      HTML <http://www.w3.org/2010/Talks/0323-html-plh/> that he
      presented to the Membership).

In short, there is strong support in the Membership (but not unanimity) 
for all of the use cases cited by the HTML Working Group /except/ 
forking the specification. Several W3C Members do feel strongly that the 
document license should allow forking, however.