Harry Lewis | 2 Jul 00:30 2008

Fw: PWG-ANNOUNCE> PWG Formal Approval begins for MFD Scan Requirements

This is a reminder that voting ends Friday July 11. Please take a few minutes and cast your vote (instructions below). If you have already voted, thank you very much!


Harry Lewis
Program Manager - Intellectual Property & Open Standards
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PWG-ANNOUNCE> PWG Formal Approval begins for MFD Scan Requirements

PWG Formal Approval commencement for MFD Scan Requirements – Voting ends Friday July 11, 2008

On June 19, 2008 the PWG Steering Committee approved MFD working group Last Call exit for the Network Scan Service Use Case and Requirements document. Our process requires that requirements be treated as a formal document to assure that we have widespread agreement on the direction of a new working group effort. At the request of the MFD working group Chairman, Peter Zehler – Xerox, and according to my duties as Secretary of the PWG, I hereby initiate Formal Approval by vote of the PWG membership. The voting period will open on Monday June 16 and close at 10PM (Pacific Time) on Friday July 11, 2008.

Valid votes are: Yes, No, No (with strong objection), Abstain.

Any No vote requires that the voter state the reason for the No vote and a description of the changes required for turning the No vote to a Yes.

Representatives from PWG member companies are strongly encouraged to submit a vote.

To cast a vote, please send an email with the following subject line format:

"MFD Scan Req Formal Vote-<company name>-<last name of voter>-<yes/no/abstain>"

Example: MFD Scan Req Formal Vote-InfoPrint-lewis-yes

No votes MUST contain a reason in the body of the email.

Please send your vote to the following email addresses:
(Replacing "dot" with . and "at" with <at> ):


The Last Call version of the Requirements Document (.doc, and –rev.pdf/doc are also available):
The resolution of the Last Call comments (.doc, and –rev.pdf/doc are also available):

Harry Lewis - PWG Secretary

Harry Lewis
Program Manager - Intellectual Property & Open Standards
Phone: 303-924-5337
e-mail: harryl <at> us.ibm.com

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Farrell, Lee | 2 Jul 21:17 2008

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Meeting locations for 2009

Hello everyone,

It has been claimed that we cannot begin the planning for next year's face-to-face meetings too early.

As an initial step, I would like any and all members that believe their company could host a meeting in 2009 to respond to me by submitting at least the following information:

Hosting Company, Possible Location(s) for Hosting [i.e., cities], Best Timeframe(s) [i.e., months or seasons], Percent Likelihood

At this point, I think we can assume that the hosting requirements will probably limited to 2-3 days of the week, with 15 attendees on average.  Of course, these numbers might change in the future, depending on specific activity and levels of participation.

Please note that none of the responses will signify a commitment at this time.  I am only trying to see what kind of options we might have for establishing a meeting schedule for next year.

Thanks in advance,

Lee  Farrell
PWG Vice Chair
Canon Development Americas
15975 Alton Parkway
Irvine, CA 92618-3731
(949) 932-3163 - voice
(949) 932-3520 - fax
lee.farrell <at> cda.canon.com

Petrie, Glen | 3 Jul 16:40 2008

PWG-ANNOUNCE> FYI: PDF format becomes ISO standard

> ISO - News - PDF format becomes ISO standard
> <http://www.iso.org/iso/pressrelease.htm?refid=Ref1141> 

Whittle, Craig | 4 Jul 02:07 2008

IPP> Face-to-face meeting minutes posted



The minutes from the face-to-face meeting can be found at:



Best regards,






Ron.Bergman | 7 Jul 17:30 2008

IPP> Today's IPPv2 Conference Call Canceled

The IPPv2 Conference call scheduled for today is canceled.  I was
travelling last week and was unable to update the specification.  Sorry for
the late notice.

The next call will be held on:
Monday, July 21, 2008, 4:00 PM EDT  (1:00 PM PDT)

Harry Lewis | 11 Jul 07:03 2008

PWG-ANNOUNCE> PWG - Tentative August Agenda

Below is the tentative line up for the August 13-15 f2f hosted by Sharp in Vancouver, WA. Comments, recommendations, changes etc. need to be identified asap as the meeting agenda needs to be locked in.

Wed:         IDS

Thu am:      WIMS

Thu late am: Plenary

Thu pm:      MFD

Fri am:      PWG Process & IPR

Fri late am: IPPv2

Fri pm:      MFD

Harry Lewis
Program Manager - Intellectual Property & Open Standards
Phone: 303-924-5337
e-mail: harryl <at> us.ibm.com

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Ron.Bergman | 18 Jul 21:00 2008

IPP> Reminder, IPPv2 Conference Call Monday (7/21) <at> 4:00 PM EDT (1:00 PM PDT)

IPPv2 WG Conference Call:

Monday, July 21, 2008, 4:00 PM EDT  (1:00 PM PDT)

Note the NEW Teleconference number and access code.
Also, there is no beep when you join, so please announce your presence!

Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada):  1-866-469-3239
Call-in toll number (US/Canada):  1-650-429-3300
Call-in toll number (US/Canada):  1-408-856-9570
Attendee access code:   21967831

1. Identify Minute Taker
2. Approval of minutes from 6/25 Face-2-Face meeting
3. Review IPPv2 Specification changes and action items.
   The latest document is at:
4. Any new business

Harry Lewis | 21 Jul 18:52 2008

PWG-ANNOUNCE> June Plenary Minutes

I thought I had announced the June Plenary minutes when I posted them the day of the meeting. Whether it was a reflector issue or my oversight, I don't find any evidence. So here is a link to the minutes from the Longmont Plenary.


Harry Lewis
Program Manager - Intellectual Property & Open Standards
Phone: 303-924-5337
e-mail: harryl <at> us.ibm.com

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Michael R Sweet | 21 Jul 23:25 2008

IPP> RFC: Add required document-format values for IPP v2?


In today's telecon I brought up a question about whether it would be
a benefit to define a set of document formats that devices must
support.  This would have large benefits for interoperability and
the ability for clients of all shapes and sizes to print without
specialized printer drivers.

The wording I am thinking of is:


      IPP v2 devices MUST support one of the following document

          document-format          Details
          application/pdf          ISO 32000-1:2008,
                                   ISO 19005-1:2005 (PDF/A),
                                   or PDF/IS?
          application/xhtml+xml    XHTML-Print
          image/jpeg               W3C JFIF* encapsulation
          image/png                ISO 15948, RFC 2083
          * http://www.w3.org/Graphics/JPEG/jfif3.pdf

I have not included application/postscript in the list because it
isn't standardized beyond simple page descriptions, both in the
official and real-world senses, and in many cases PostScript
printers require some level of device-dependent commands to be
used (think PPD files).

Likewise, I have not included image/tiff since TIFF is a catch-all
for thousands of sub-formats, and the most common sub-formats
(TIFF-G3 and TIFF-G4) are limited to reproduction of monochrome
graphics which make them less useful as a general printing format.



Michael R Sweet                        Senior Printing System Engineer

Ira McDonald | 21 Jul 23:39 2008

IPP> Required IPP attributes - missing list anywhere


Paul Tykodi's asked at today's IPP WG telecon how to find
the list of required IPP/1.1 attributes (i.e., ones that all IPP/1.1
Printer objects MUST support).

I said (incorrectly) that this was listed in the IPP Registry, but
sadly it's not.  There is no such single list.  In all IPP specs,
the required attributes are documented (but not very well).
For basic IPP/1.1 (RFC 2911), they are listed at:

- Section Request Operation Attributes - page 25
  - attributes-charset and attributes-natural-language
- Section Response Operation Attributes - page 29
  - attributes-charset and attributes-natural-language
- Section 3.2  Printer Operations
  - some REQUIRED operation attributes
- Section 3.3  Job Operations
  - some REQUIRED operation attributes
- Section 4.2 Job Template Attributes - page 91
  - all OPTIONAL
- Section 4.3 Job Description Attributes - page 106
  - see table
- Section 4.4 Printer Description Attributes - page 124
  - see table

All - I think Paul's raised a good point - the list of basic
IPP/1.1 (and therefore IPP/2.0) REQUIRED operation
and description attributes does NOT exist - Should it
be added in a normative appendix to the IPP/2.0 spec?

The IANA IPP Registry (complete for all IETF RFCs but
not for any PWG IPP Extensions) is at:

  (a plaintext file)

- Ira


Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
Chair - Linux Foundation Open Printing WG
Blue Roof Music/High North Inc
email: blueroofmusic <at> gmail.com
 579 Park Place Saline, MI 48176
 PO Box 221 Grand Marais, MI 49839