Baud, Yann | 18 Nov 12:05 2010

RFC 5066 Comment on PME initialization and aggregation

I wish to comment on the penultimate paragraph of RFC 5066 section 3.1.3:
    Note that the PCS port does not have to be operationally 'down' for
    the connection to succeed.  In fact, a dynamic PME addition (and
    removal) MAY be implemented with an available PME being initialized
    first (by setting its ifAdminStatus to 'up') and then added to an
    operationally 'up' PCS port, by modifying a respective ifStackTable
    (and respective ifInvStackTable) entry.
In fact, PME addition to a PCS is impossible once the PME has been initialized, because
the discovery and aggregation phases, which are done using ITU-T G.994.1 (G.Hs), must occur before PME training and
activation in the PME initialization process. Once the PME is initialized, it is impossible
to configure the aggregation on the peer pme (IEEE 802.3 2008 61.4.7).
I would much welcome a clarification on this paragraph.
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