Sanjay Wadhwa | 7 Sep 19:38 2005

GSMPv3 extensions for L2C

We would like to solicit feedback on the attached draft on GSMPv3 extensions for L2C (a control protocol
between "Broadband Network Gateways" and "Access Nodes" in a broadband environment). Currently, this
draft focuses on a few important "use cases" of this protocol for ATM and Ethernet access aggregation
networks. In due course we plan to submit it as an IETF contribution.



     Working Group Name                                     Jerome Moisand 
     Internet Draft                                         Juniper Networks 
     Expires: August 2, 2005                                    
                                                            Sanjay Wadhwa 
                                                            Juniper Networks 
                                                            Swami Subramanian 
                                                             Juniper Networks 
                      GSMP extensions for layer2 control (L2C)                      
                      Topology Discovery and Line Configuration 
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