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I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-ediint-compression-08.txt

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This draft is a work item of the Electronic Data Interchange-Internet Integration Working Group of the IETF.

	Title		: CMS - Compressed Data Content within an EDIINT 'AS' Message
	Author(s)	: T. Harding
	Filename	: draft-ietf-ediint-compression-08.txt
	Pages		: 8
	Date		: 2007-6-11
The EDIINT(EDI over the INTernet) WG(Working Group) over several 
   years developed the following 'AS'(Applicability Statements): 
   AS1(RFC 3335), AS2(RFC 4130) and AS3(RFC 4823). These 'AS' 
   documents discuss methods for securely transferring 
   EDI(Electronic Data Interchange) and other electronic documents
   over the internet using different transfer protocols, SMTP(AS1, 
   HTTP(AS2) and FTP(AS3). 

   As more and more companies continue to use AS1, AS2 or AS3 to package
   their electronic messages, the EDIINT community is starting to see a
   dramatic increase in the size of files transferred between trading
   partners. Typical file sizes of 10k or less are no longer the norm as
   we start to see files larger than several megabytes(>500meg) 
   transferred between trading partners. 

   This document will explain the rules and procedures for utilizing 
   compression(RFC 3274) within an EDIINT 'AS' message. It will also
   discuss the procedures for building, parsing and computing the
   MIC(Message Integrity Check) value of a message which is returned
   in the MDN(Message Disposition Notification) receipt to the
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