David Fischer | 18 Jun 15:50 2001

FW: AS2-To and AS2-From headers in returned response


We are hip-deep in AS2 Interoperability Testing and we have come across a
small issue which needs to be resolved in the Draft Specification.  Before
we get to the point of changing the Draft, we probably need to discuss this
on the list.

Last test we found we needed a new MIME/HTTP header, AS2-From, to indicate
the Trading Partner identification at the transport level.  We also added
the header AS2-To as a compliment.  Now we are getting ready to test
Asynchronous MDNs and the question has come up concerning the REQUIRED
nature of these two headers in MDNs.  Note that these two headers only exist
in the AS1 style messages, not in the GISB profile.

If I may, I would like to solicit opinions/discussion on this point from the
list.  I have included some of the discussions from the testing group below.

A second side issue came up which we tabled but which might also be
mentioned on the list.  Is the value of these headers case sensitive?  We
decided that, unless it is enclosed in quotes, it is case in-sensitive.  Any
discussion on this point?


David Fischer
Drummond Group

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David Fischer | 18 Jun 19:53 2001

RE: AS2-To and AS2-From headers in returned response

Thanks Vince,

I took your comment to the testing group and the consensus was that HTTP
transfers should use AS2 rules and SMTP transfers should use AS1 rules.  In
the extremely odd case of an HTTP file transfer requesting an asynchronous
SMTP MDN, the AS1 rules should apply which do not include AS2-To/AS2-From.
Does that sound right to you?

Thanks again Vince.

David Fischer
Drummond Group.

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My guess is that you will get in to trouble putting them in email messages
unless they
are registered email headers.  Otherwise, I would think they would have to
be x-headers.

If you are using email MDNS is there a need for these headers?  Do you ever
envision a
situation, I guess, where one of the parties in the exchange does not have
an email
address?  Would that be legal?  Doesn't an email message have to have both
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