Pasi Sarolahti | 2 Apr 11:41 2012

WGLC for draft-ietf-dccp-udpencap-10


As people have noticed, not much has happened in DCCP WG for the several past months. However, we still
should finish the last (recently updated) WG document, after which the working group is expected to be done.

So: this Email starts the working group last call for "Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP)
Encapsulation for NAT Traversal (DCCP-UDP)" (draft-ietf-dccp-udpencap-10). The WGLC lasts two weeks
and ends on Monday, April 16th. Please send possible comments to the dccp mailing list.

For the udpencap document the last remaining issue, from the previous WGLC, has related to the text that
speaks about negotiating the use of DCCP-UDP encapsulation, particularly in ICE. After discussing this
with the authors, we concluded that coming up with a solid negotiation specification would still require
significant amount of work and review cycles, and this is not worth delaying the document (and the WG) any
further. Therefore, ICE negotiation is left for future work. If there is interest and energy,
negotiation can be specified in a separate document, probably in a different working group.

- Pasi

Pasi Sarolahti | 26 Apr 13:02 2012

Publication requested for draft-ietf-dccp-udpencap-10


I just requested publication of the dccp-udpencap draft. The write-up is shown below. Many thanks to Tom,
Gorry and Colin for the hard work on the draft, and of course to everyone who reviewed it along the way!

- Pasi


(1) What type of RFC is being requested (BCP, Proposed Standard,
Internet Standard, Informational, Experimental, or Historic)?  Why
is this the proper type of RFC?  Is this type of RFC indicated in the
title page header?

	This document is requested to be published as Proposed
	Standard. It specifies the mechanism for encapsulating DCCP headers
	in UDP datagrams, and does not outline an experiment. The type
	is properly indicated in the header.

(2) The IESG approval announcement includes a Document Announcement
Write-Up. Please provide such a Document Announcement Write-Up. Recent
examples can be found in the "Action" announcements for approved
documents. The approval announcement contains the following sections:

Technical Summary

	The document specifies a mechanism to encapsulate DCCP packets
	in UDP datagrams, to support NAT traversal through devices
	that do not support DCCP natively. It also discusses various
	interactions related to encapsulation, such as those related
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