pregen | 2 Nov 23:25 2004

Interop Results

The results of the interop held at UC Berkeley are done and can be located at the following URLs.  (document)   (spreadsheet link)
Doug Royer | 3 Nov 19:19 2004

Re: Interop Results

[ALSO sent to CALSIFY]

It looks like all the interop results and summary agree that we need
to have basic objects that can be parsed by non-recurrence aware
applications if for no other reason to allow  implementations that support
some sub-sets of recurrence rules to parse the data.  The new recur-draft
can nail down the exact set that must be implemented in order to be
compliant. . By having the organizer's CUA expand the instances and set
the RECURRENCE-ID value to UTC, it is a format that  at least contains
all of the recurrence data.

In addition it looks like VALARM needs to be an add on as there
is a low level of interoperability between vendors.

In some cases it is hard to tell of the vendor did not support a 
feature, or if
their support is not working per RFC.

It also looks that iTIP needs to be broken down into perhaps individual
ADD,... drafts.

So it looks like we need separate drafts for:

   - Basic - with VEVENT - that describes how to send 2445 recurrence 

           Implementations that implement 'Basic' can send 2445 
(pre-iCal-Recurence) recurrence
           rules, but if they indicate they support iCal-Recurrence, 
then they would have
           to conform to iCal-Basic and iCal-Recurrence. They can also 
send 2445 VTIMEZONE
           with those objects.

   - VALARM - Do we deprecate PROCEDURE?

   - VTODO

   - Recurrence and VTIMEZONE
           I include VTIMEZONE here as VTIMEZONE is not really needed until
      recurrence rules are included.



   - METHOD(s): REQUEST/REPLY/CANCEL/REFRESH - including how to schedule.

      I think that if you have REQUEST, you have to have REPLY, CANCEL, 

   - Delegation

      Viewing the results and my testing is clear that most do not 
support this feature.
       So I think it needs to be optional.

   - METHOD: ADD - Or should this be part of REQUEST.


   - New iMIP.

pregen <at> wrote:

> The results of the interop held at UC Berkeley are done and can be 
> located at the following URLs.
>  (document)
>   (spreadsheet link)



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