Doug Royer | 17 Sep 09:00 2000

CALSCH Action Items

This is a list of action items for the CALSCH Working Group.
This list will be sent out once a week and updated as often
as practical (That means if I am not available it may take
an extra week or two before you see your changes).

Updates should be sent to mailto:ietf-calendar <at> or to myself
mailto:Doug.Royer <at> Software.COM .

There are three parts to this action list:

	(W) Working group action items.
	(C) CAP editor action items.
	(I) iCalendar action items (Frank Dawson)

Each action item will be assigned a unique ID that will aid in
tracking the items.


			Working Group Action Items   

Where Resolution is one of:

	U - undecided.
	Y - Chair determined consensus is in favor of the proposal.
	N - Chair determined consensus is NOT in favor of the proposal.
	D - Dropped. Chair has decided that it may never reach consensus.

 The following are a list of proposals and their status in the WG:
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