Daniel Lundin | 20 May 19:45 2002

RoadRunner - A BEEP Implementation in C

-- RoadRunner 0.8 (A Feather) -------------------------------------------------

20 May, 2002

CodeFactory proudly announces the availability of the first public release of
RoadRunner, an open source  BEEP framework implemented in C.

RoadRunner is an application toolkit library implementing BEEP (Blocks
Extensible Exchange Protocol). Apart from implementing a powerful and
flexible BEEP framework, RoadRunner also contains a useful set of profiles,
readily available and usable with applications.

RoadRunner provides a portable and powerful high-performance framework for
developing network applications making use of the BEEP protocol.

Supported Platforms
RoadRunner is primarily developed and regularly tested on GNU/Linux, 
NetBSD and OpenBSD, but has been compiled and tested on:

 * GNU/Linux
 * NetBSD
 * OpenBSD
 * FreeBSD
 * Solaris
 * MS Windows

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Daniel Lundin | 21 May 00:56 2002

BEEP promotional logo graphics

A while ago I designed a logotype for use in promoting BEEP and related
software. For convenience, I've converted it to a plentitude of vectorized as
well as bitmap (PNG with and without alpha channel) file formats.


Feel free to use any of the variations of the logotype when spreading
the BEEP goodness.




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