Menachem Dodge | 5 Oct 18:05 2008

Re: [MIB-DOCTORS] AD review of draft-ietf-adslmib-vdsl2-06.txt

Hello Dan and David,

        Thank you for your review so far, the editors are currently looking at the
issues you have raised and hope to provide a response in the next few days.

        Best Regards,

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> > E7. The text in the DESCRIPTION clause of the MIB module duplicates
> > text in the Overview section. No need for both, actually
> here I think
> that
> > the better place is in the overview, but the main thing in
> my view is
> > to eliminate one of them to reduce the length of the text
> >
> I hesitate to see a blanket one-or-the-other decision.

My comment was not aiming towards an 'one-or-the-other decision'. If it
sounded like this my mistake. I actually believe its good to have such
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