Bob Ray | 8 Aug 18:31 2002

hdsl2/hdsl4 note

Has anyone noticed the following in the hdsl4 eoc specification?

>>> 12 	Loop ID (HDSL4)	unsigned char	1 - Loop 1  2 - Loop 2

Bob Ray
Moti.Morgenstern | 11 Aug 08:00 2002

Re: hdsl2/hdsl4 note


Including the Loop ID in certain eoc status messages serves (as you guess)
only for 2-pair configuration.

In such a case when, for example, the STU-R reports the line attenuation
measurements it transfers the value for pair #1through BOTH pairs. Then it
transfers the value for pair #2 through BOTH pairs.

Adding the Loop ID parameter enables the STU-C determine to which of the
pairs the information refers.

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Michael Sneed | 22 Aug 20:25 2002

List software upgrade

The ADSLMIB mailing list software was upgraded recently, and you should be 
aware of the following issue:

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Phil Roberts | 27 Aug 20:44 2002

Nomcom call for volunteers

The members of the IESG and IAB and the IETF chair are selected
by a nominations committee made up of volunteers from the
IETF community.  The nominations committee is now in the process
of being formed and volunteers are being accepted until Sep 6.
Please see (
for information if you are interested in volunteering 
to be on the nominations committee.
The IESG | 27 Aug 20:45 2002

Last Call: Definitions of Extention Managed Objects for ADSL Lines to Proposed Standard

The IESG has received a request from the ADSL MIB Working Group to
consider Definitions of Extention Managed Objects for ADSL Lines
<draft-ietf-adslmib-adslext-10.txt> as a Proposed Standard.

The IESG plans to make a decision in the next few weeks, and solicits
final comments on this action.  Please send any comments to the
iesg <at> or ietf <at> mailing lists by September 10, 2002.

Files can be obtained via