Lukasz Dobrogowski | 9 Jun 11:47 2011

Re: Move of command line parsing code and new dependency (Boost.Program_options)


I finished the move. All important points should be listed below.

* --ai_config, --new_storyscreens renamed to --ai-config,
--new-storyscreens (consistency, no underscores were used except for here)
* --no-delay renamed to --nodelay (consistency with nogui, nocache,
nosound and nomusic)
* --campaign[[<difficulty>] <id_c> [<id_s>]] split into --campaign,
--campaign-difficulty and --campaign-scenario (KISS)
* split optional comma-separated defines list from --preprocess= (or
-p=) to --preprocess-defines= (KISS)
* dropped --log= syntax. It was the same as --log-error.
* added unit tests at src/tests/test_commandline_options.cpp. It's worth
looking at them, since they show examples of working and tested syntax.
Should probably be extended to test for exceptions and border cases as well.

* better code clarity (I hope)
* centralized the commandline parsing instead of keeping it spread
across 3 functions
* delegating the parsing code to an external library, which guarantees
* as grzywacz pointed out, easy access to commandline arguments at any
point: the bug with bpp going back to default regardless of commandline
parameters after changing resolution should now be an easy fix
* unit testing

Undocumented before:
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Ignacio Riquelme Morelle | 13 Jun 10:24 2011

Something about Preferences' layout cleanup

Hi there,

I was wondering what's the rationale for the Reverse Time Graphics display 
preference? In my opinion it has absolutely no practical use and takes up 
screen space that could be used by any hypothetically useful option that could 
come up in the future. It might make sense to remove it entirely from 

For that matter, I notice that the "Unit Idle Animations" option is in the 
Display page while "Unit Standing Animations" and "Animate Map" are in 
Advanced; the latter two may probably become more important for slow 
machines/graphic servers now that Wesnoth 1.10 will make extensive use of both 
engine features in mainline, so they could be moved to Display for consistency 
and visibility. Alternatively, the "Unit Idle Animations" option could be 
moved to Advanced instead if those two aren't moved, since there's been 
support for numeric advanced preferences sliders for quite a while already.

Note that the rendering of Preferences at the 1.10 minimum resolution of 
800x480 is quite disastrous at the bottom already [1], as you may notice if 
you start wesnoth with --resolution 800x480; perhaps more options should be 
cut to make room for some rearrangement of the Preferences dialog.



  Ignacio Riquelme Morelle <shadowmaster>
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JuanPi | 29 Jun 20:14 2011

Call for Papers: Video Game workshop in Argentina

Hi Wesnoth Devs,

I've been in the #wesnoth-dev channel and I got the suggestion to post
the Call for papers for a workshop on video games in Argentina here.
I would be really happy to see a submission from the Wesnoth
community. I am sure there are many stories to tell (one could make a
log of shadowmaster blog! :D ).

If you have any question or need more information you can write me or
the e-mail given in the text.


Here is the CFP

WAVi 2011: 2nd Argentine Workshop on Video Games

In the last decade, video game development in Argentina evolved from a
pure hobbyist activity to a massive industry.

Continuous growth in complexity and diversity of products and
platforms, forces companies to keep up with the rapid technological
race, requiring constant innovation to remain competitive in this
global industry.

In this context, universities have a unique opportunity to offer their
capabilities in research and technological transfer to help companies
grow and prosper.

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