novaa12000 | 1 Jun 11:40 2007

SOWPODS Collins word list as a txt file

I'm looking for the full updated SOWPODS word list (effective 15th May 
2007) as a txt (text) file - anyone know where I can get a copy?

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Sam Kantimathi | 6 Jun 02:56 2007

Will LEZ be allowed in Orlando Finals?

FCC loses the vulgarity case:
Warm regards,

Sam Kantimathi

sam [at] samtimer [dot] com

El Dorado Hills, Sacramento, California


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Sam Kantimathi | 8 Jun 06:47 2007

Board Covers, Wedding Gifts, DVDs, Digital Clocks, Tiles, Bags, Round Boards, Rug, Racks, ...

Many are enjoying our new flexible Round-Board Covers, which fit all 
Round Boards:

This board cover, though very useful, will not make a suitable 
wedding gift. But any newlywed would be happy to receive that, along 
with Protiles or SamTiles, as long as they accompany the 
much-sought-after SamBoard!!

SamBoard -- revolving round game board for your favorite wordgame.

2 models!

One is wood. The other is clear acrylic.

These are hugely popular.

+ beautiful!
+ weighs only 2 kilos (four pounds)
+ approximately 49 cm (19") diameter
+ ~~ wooden board is rounded in more ways than one!
: The circumference is pleasantly rounded also!
+ ~ acrylic is clear -- any stray tile under the board outside the
15x15 will be visible
+ ultra-quiet strong bearing rotates and stops easily.
+ playing surface has ZERO GLARE !! Wow! is a typical response when
people first look at these third generation SamBoards
+ grids will hold the tiles securely -- they won't slide off: A HUGE +
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Varisht Hingorani | 8 Jun 11:07 2007

Help for Pocket Lexpert


This is Varisht Hingorani,

I have a Pocket PC from Toshiba and have been using
Pocket Lexpert in the past. I am not sure how to
configure it to use the Collins list, though i have
downloaded the new file. Can anyone pl. guide me ?.
I Can't seem to find a UKNA file and there appears to
be some WInzip issues as well.

I was able to configure my desktop Lexpert with the
new Collins  using the file form ( which
by the way is a life saver, my gratitude to the


Don't pick lemons.
See all the new 2007 cars at Yahoo! Autos. 

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Sam Kantimathi | 10 Jun 19:35 2007

Thank you Hasbro, NSA, Cree

I just received my Scrabble News 211.

At the very end of the newsletter, on back page (Page 12), without 
much fanfare:

"We are proud to announce with this issue that the National SCRABBLE 
Association and Hasbro will be donating a $10,000 check towards the 
prize fund as well as a tote bag for all contestants and committee 

"We recognize how important this championship is," says John D. 
Williams, Jr., NSA Exec Director, "and hope these contributions will 
contribute to the event's success."

I urge all North American scrabblers to join me and others and donate 
a small sum or a prize towards this Players Championship, even if you 
are unable to go due to work, family or other reasons.

My sincere thanks to Hasbro, NSA and Chris Cree who mentioned to some 
of us friends, in a long talk after the Phoenix tourney that he was 
working on a donation from Hasbro.

If a similar thankyou# was already expressed in cgp, it must have 
been buried under all the kvetching about Orlando.

I realize that some feel that the Corporate types could have done 
more, but it is appropriate on our part, imho to be thankful for this 
gesture. Let NSA <info@...> and Chris know your 

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Andrew Fisher | 13 Jun 07:45 2007

Scrabble festival in Aix-les-Bains - WESPA delegate wanted

Eagle-eyed scrutineers of the ABSP events calendar may
have noticed that there is a tournament listed in
Aix-les-Bains from 5-11 November.

This is a venture of the French scrabble federation
which plans to hold both an English-language
tournament and a Spanish-language tournament in
conjunction with various French scrabble-related
events throughout the week, as part of a mind sports
gathering which includes chess, bridge, shogi, sudoku
etc. I understand at this stage that the
English-language tourney will take place on Monday
afternoon and then on Tuesday (5th and 6th). See this
link for details of the festival:

Click on the game icon of your choice for further
info. Aix (not the same town as Aix-en-Provence, by
the way) is easily accessible from Lyons airport via
coach transfer.

WESPA has been involved in negotiations with the
French and Spanish scrabble federations to set up a
joint council of federations. Once this is in place,
the global scrabble community will be entitled to seek
representation with IMSA which is preparing to
organise regular mind sport olympiads under the aegis
of the IOC. IMSA's members currently include
international chess, bridge, draughts and go
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Llewellin | 15 Jun 16:52 2007

Swiss tie breaker

I raised a similar line of thought in last year (or so, I think) about
tie-breaking systems in Scrabble.

I recently participated in an online computer chess tournament (it's
called freestyle chess where the big boys with the heavy artillery beat up
the little okes with the crappy hardware - for those interested you can
see the results here - I ended up 62/103 :;task=view&amp;id=586&amp;Itemid=1

The point the world chess computer chess championships which is
underway at present they use a SOO (sum of opponents scores as a first
tie-breaking system then SODO (sum of defeated opponents scores) to
separate players on the same number of wins. And they are doing this in a
round robin!

In scrabble swiss tournaments one often has several players grouped
together on the same number of wins. Historically we have used plain old
wins and spread to separate the players (Why? Well, it's one of 3 options
in the software i.e. WINS, WINS and SPREAD and AVERAGE score). It has
happened for so long that no one has questioned this or examined it's
fairness. In a swiss no one plays the same opponents as any other, so how
can one use wins and spread ALONE as the deciding factors? (In a round
robin wins and spread could be considered fair because everybody plays
everybody else).

I wish to propose that in swiss tournaments we try using wins and the two
criteria viz. sum of opponents score (SOO) and some of defeated opponents
score (SODO)and THEN spread, if a tie still exists. To begin with, as an
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roy | 20 Jun 07:25 2007

Gulf Championship Opens Thursday

Affected by cyclone Gonu earlier this month, the Gulf Air 17th Gulf 
Scrabble Tournament opens on Thursday, June 21 at Bahrain's Ramee 
International Hotel, two weeks after it was originally scheduled. 
None of the nine entrants from Oman could leave the sultanate 
earlier this month, and the organisers swiftly decided at the 11th 
hour to postpone the GST rather than have a truncated event.
        Not postponing would have meant three of the Gulf's top 10, 
including defending champion Ralph Lobo, would have been absent from 
the GST. Though several players immediately announced their 
inability to take part in the postponed competition, players quickly 
rallied to support the new dates.
	Eight of the region's top 10 exponents in the brainy game 
are expected at the GST this weekend. Gulf Air, the official air 
carrier of the GST, quickly announced that reservations booked for 
the June 7-9 weekend would be honoured for this weekend. Ramee 
International followed suit with room bookings.
	Bahrain champion Mohammed Zafar, 17, was to go to Bangkok, 
Thailand, this weekend to compete in the King's Cup in Bangkok, 
Thailand, with a top prize of $6,000 and 10,000 participants. Gulf 
Air provided the Bahraini with a ticket. However, after days of 
grappling with the decision, the champ decided to forego the King's 
Cup in favour of the GST as the contest is the qualifier for the 
ninth World Scrabble Championship in Mumbai, India, in November, and 
he aims for a place at the WSC.
	The GST postponement left many players in a quandary as it 
threw a spanner in travel itineraries though most entrants were able 
to revamp their plans to come to Bahrain this weekend. The tally of 
players at present comes to 34 rather than 40 with entrants from the 
United Arab Emirates still to confirm their full participation.
	Bahrain and Oman have exceeded their player quotas (10 and 
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Sam Kantimathi | 20 Jun 18:08 2007

wscindia07 yahoogroups

If you will be representing your country at the World Scrabble 
Championships in India this year, and would like to share (or learn) 
info about airfares, accommodations etc., you might want to join this 
group. The scope of this list might expand to include other aspects 
of the wsc, but for now, we wish to focus on air travel and hotel 

To join, simply send an email (no subject title or anything else is needed) to:

Warm regards,

Sam Kantimathi

sam [at] samtimer [dot] com

El Dorado Hills, Sacramento, California


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Robert Gillis | 21 Jun 17:29 2007

SOWPODS question: Four 9-10 letter deletions from TWL still in COLLINS word list

Does anyone know whether OSW independently contained these 4 deleted 
(from TWL) false plurals?

NUMINOUSES   (this is an adjective that happened to have the phrase The 
Numinous in a source dictionary which caused an the erroneous plural.)

They are all present in the new Collins Tournament and Club Word list.
Their inclusion there is either correct or erroneous. Which is it?
I suspect an oversight.

I have Chambers Dictionary at home and will check it, but I haven't got 
an actual
Collins Dictionary, just their club and tournament list.

Robert Gillis
NSA Dictionary Committee Member
Owens Cross Roads, Alabama

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