Andrew Sillers | 28 May 03:29 2015

Standard macro messages?

Is there a list of standard macro messages I can use? I'd like to parse chat macro messages and visualize their content on the galactic map for the mobile client, where the map will be easier to use than chat.

Not that chat should ever be ignored, but anything I can do to make things easier on a small screen... If anyone has any strong objections to this, I'm all ears.


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iggyvolz . | 14 May 04:41 2015

Client specifications?

This is probably a stupid question with a REALLY simple answer, but where (if any) are the specifications for a Netrek client, as in building one from scratch?  Looking through the site turned up nothing, and some google searches for "netrek client specifications" and "netrek client documentation" turned up nothing of the sort.
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Lawrence Brass | 7 May 04:32 2015

Netrek for mobiles, really?

Hello again, I have just subscribed to the dev-list.
Should I copy content from from netrek-forever google group?
Lawrence (LarryX).
iggyvolz . | 7 May 03:45 2015

Autoconf not set

So I tried to compile the netrek-client-cow from source.  However, in Makefile, it specifically on line 81 references $(AUTOCONF), even though it is never set.  It also references $(MAKE) even though that is never set.  Should these both be set to which autoconf and which make, respectively?  For example, add before line 3:

AUTOCONF=$(shell which autoconf)
MAKE=$(shell which make)

Setting these don't make the install go off without a hitch, though.  I'm still investigating those errors (specifically I'm getting "undefined macro: AM_PATH_SDL, AM_CONDITIONAL, and AM_GNU_GETTEXT" on running make for the processing, then it can't find config.sub for ./configure) but I'll submit a separate bug report after I look into it some more, unless someone knows the cause just by a glance.

I'm on OS X Mavericks if that makes any difference, although it shouldn't.
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iggyvolz . | 7 May 01:22 2015

Netrek Server Code

So I haven't been able to find the repository for the server code.  Everything seems to point to, which 404's out.  Any way to get the repository itself, or has it been lost to time and therefore we must use the latest zipped version to start out from?

On a side note - I'd be willing to maintain a GitHub repo for server code unless someone more experienced with the code wants to.
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Adnan Chowdhury | 29 Aug 02:44 2014

An idea for netrek related game

Hello everybody,

I have been a long time brewing this idea based on the Star Trek universe that would be played from command-line. I would like to post it here to receive feedback and suggestions on the idea, or any possible help to move forward.

The game would be based in the Star Trek universe, with the user assuming the captain's seat on a galaxy class starship, fully-staffed with first officer, chief engineer, security, a communications officer and helmsman.

It would be inspired by Nethack in the sense that it all takes place on the terminal, animated and illustrated purely by ASCII characters. (This may seem like an ugly prospect at first but more on this later).

The player would operate the game the way a user utilizes multiple shell sessions with the linux program 'tmux' ( screenshot of the program: ). In the game, there would be several, perhaps dozens, of screens and views the player could pull up displaying diagnostic info, personnel records, sensor readings, main view screen, etc ... The player would be able to manipulate, customize and navigate through his or her screen configuration. One idea was to be able to have multiple 'clients' for the same game session; meaning players could connect from multiple shell sessions to their star-ship, and dedicate different screens/views to separate monitors.

The game would be a turn-based RPG, with quests obtained from different planets, star-ships, entities along the way...

The game could easily be an MMORPG. Players would play in an accurate representation of the Milky Way galaxy.

Battles with other ships, enemies, would be turn based, as implied above.

The ship would require maintenance, upkeep, etc ... Starbases may play a role here.

Warp travel to faraway places would be traversed in real time. For example, if an active quest requires you to travel 3 days at maximum warp, the game would have to run for 3 days. The game should allow the player to leave it running in the background, or online perhaps.

As for the graphics, they would be purely ASCII driven. The UI would most likely be built using the ncurses library. Unicode Braille Patterns would be used to draw pixel graphics on the terminal. The graphics depicted would be limited to graphs, sine curves, 3-d shapes and probably a crudely drawn star field for the view screen, with interesting effects when warp drive is in effect. This page has some interesting demos of Unicode Braille patterns being used to draw graphics:

Also, perhaps for face-to-face communication through the view screen or personnel portraits when communicating with staff, the best we could use would be ANSI art graphics (see image to ANSI art websites).

Looking for input; honesty always appreciated.



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Telly Brown | 10 Jun 00:13 2013

future netrek

My brother and I played netrek back in the earlier 90's and have dreamed of that experience once again.  We are just starting on a MMO style version of netrek based on the mechanics but not in the same universe.  This would be a rewrite from the ground up and not a simple enhancement.

We are accomplished developers looking for artists and developers to aid us.  You would need to be proficient in C# and/or javascript.  

There will be no pay for this development unless we are able to sell subscriptions.

Once we have people chosen we will agree on company ownership.

Please email me if you are interested and list a summary of your skills, experience and number of hours you can contribute per week.

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Zachary Uram | 3 May 06:31 2013

Fwd: [paradise] Did everyone give up on paradise?

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From: Zebediah C. McClure <zmc@...>
Date: Thu, May 2, 2013 at 3:00 PM
Subject: Re: [paradise] Did everyone give up on paradise?
To: Zachary Uram <netrek@...>

Paradise is my favorite client, and one of the rare few that runs great here.

I didnt know the paradise client was open sourced.  Does anyone know
where the source can be had and under what licence?


On Thu, 2 May 2013 14:27:18 -0400
Zachary Uram <netrek@...> wrote:

> I am still interested.
> Zach
> On Thu, May 2, 2013 at 11:13 AM, Erick Robertson <vir4030@...> wrote:
> > No idea, but is there still interest after 5 years?
> >
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> > From: Zachary Uram <netrek@...>
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> > Sent: Wednesday, May 1, 2013 2:42 AM
> > Subject: Re: [paradise] Did everyone give up on paradise?
> >
> > Hey what is going on with Paradise?
> >
> > Zach
> >
> > On Tue, Jan 8, 2008 at 9:08 PM, Zach<netrek@...> wrote:
> >> We had some good activity and development going for a few weeks then
> >> it went totally silent.
> >>
> >> What is the status of:
> >>
> >> * the Vanilla and Paradise server code merger?
> >>
> >> * allowing paradise servers to list themselves on the metaserver (solicit
> >> code)
> >>
> >> * the MS Windows paradise client (beta available on
> >>
> >>
> >> * server mods discussed on the list
> >>
> >> * getting another server up besides whitestar (i recall 2 others on
> >> the list working on servers)
> >>
> >> I've had at least 1/2 dozen bronco players express interest in
> >> paradise. They didn't know about the friday games on whitestar and
> >> were surprised no paradise servers are listed on the netrek
> >> metaservers.
> >>
> >> Zach
> >>
> >
> >
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Zebediah C. McClure <zmc@...>


Bob Tanner | 21 Jan 22:07 2013

Mock Server?

Working on my 3rd evolution of an objective-c network library for 
netrek. This one feels right. But I want to finish writing my test 
suite. Is there a way to simulate (mock object) the server?

I'd like a way to control the packets sent to my network library so I 
can test it.

Vaguely recall James talking about something like this.



Bob Tanner <basic@...>          
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Andrew Sillers | 19 Nov 04:33 2012

HTML5 Netrek Lite

Hello all,

I've been hard at work on the HTML5 Netrek client, online at (and source at I have made massive improvements to the game's performance and usability (indeed, while I was testing on Continuum, I found myself playing several full rounds of pre-T). Since my last update in April, I have added:

- login screen with server selection
- speed indicator (settable with mouse, too -- I was hoping to make this playable on a tablet someday)
- engine temp indicator
- cloaking
- repair/fuel/army planet indicators
- phasers (visually a little messy, but they're there)
- defensive torp detonation
- incoming chat (no outgoing yet; not pretty)
- army transport (untested, but I think it should work)

When you try it out, know that sometimes the outfitting screen does not work and you need to refresh the page. This happens very rarely, and I am working on a fix. There's also a "bug" where you get ghost busted after 20-30 seconds of inactivity, which will disappear as soon as I get pings working.

But enough about present. Let's talk about THE FUTURE:

Sadly, I must focus my attention to other projects and cannot continue regular development on the client (until at least next year, probably). There's a lot of work to do before this can be a fully-fledged client (explosion animations, tractors, pressors, key mapping, alliances, to name a few) but I think this client could be a kind of "Netrek Lite" that new prospective players could play in-browser, to sample the game without having to download and install a native client application.

My question to all of you is: what's the best way to go about it? I don't have time to integrate a dynamic tutorial into the game, but I could make an on-page static tutorial ("Once you set course back toward Earth, go to the next lesson...") with paged, incremental lessons. The main question is whether to use a separate server for learning (a quiet server is good for learning to drive, but not combat; a hot server might keep you from following the tutorial due to unexpected combat).

Similarly, what functionality is missing right now that you feel is *critical* to learning to play and/or keeping a prospective player interested? I can give this project a few more solid hours of effort, so please let me know how I should spend them. For example, I could probably implement tractors and pressors, or I could clean up the phaser animation, or I could ensure chat works cleanly, but I can only do so much. I need some discussion of what you think is most important. Rearranging and resizing the elements on the screen (world, galactic, chat) is easiest (and probably most important, since right now the chat is very awkwardly placed) -- that would take only a matter of minutes, once I decided where to place everything.

Finally, if I am going to use a static tutorial, I need someone to either 1) draft out the tutorial text, or at least 2) propose a lesson plan that I could flesh out into a set of tutorial pages.

What say you, mailing list?


P.S. I've only really tested the client on Ubuntu Firefox, so let me know if you find any big browser compatibility bugs. If your browser supports canvas and Websockets (and even those are technically optional) and you find a problem, let me know.

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John R. Dennison | 24 Oct 14:25 2012

Very Sad News

Michael Denison (Splunty) sent me a message on Facebook Sunday evening that
caught me completely by surprise.  He mentioned that Dan Damouth (Tuber) had
passed away back in 2010.  Doubly shocking as it turned out that Dan was only
a year younger than myself.

I am including Michael's message here for completeness.

I don't know how else to share bad news with you.

One of the netrek folk discovered that Dan Damouth passed away September 19,
2010. I don't know if you were as close to him as some of us were, but if you
were, I think you have to know.

One of us should probably share with the netrek community.

Hope you're doing well.

This was the first that I had heard of it which, considering that I was not
especially close to Dan, isn't all that surprising. I would, however, have
hoped someone in the community would have heard something about this before
now and passed the information on :(

I did some research and was not able to locate an official obituary for
Dan but I did manage to locate:

Michael has confirmed that this was indeed him.

Besides getting this information out to what remains of the netrek
community I was wondering if anyone else had any information regarding
Dan's passing.

I've contacted Addison and asked him to reach out to Jitesh and that

My thanks to Michael for informing me of this loss.



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