Jordi Negrevernis i Font | 10 May 13:55 2016

Spanish translation

     Hi, could somebody commit the freeciv part of the Spanish 
translation for S2_5 before the release?


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Jacob Nevins | 8 May 01:10 2016

Upcoming 2.5.4 release and string freeze

I plan to make a 2.5.4 release on the weekend of 14-15 May.
Draft release notes are at <>.

To that end, strings are frozen on the S2_5 branch from now until

The po-files at
are up-to-date.

Current translation stats for S2_5:

freeciv (core strings):
en_GB: 100%: 6280 translated.
fi: 100%: 6280 translated.
ru: 99.8%: 6265 translated, 11 fuzzy, 4 untranslated.
es: 99.6%: 6254 translated, 22 fuzzy, 4 untranslated.
ca: 99.6%: 6254 translated, 22 fuzzy, 4 untranslated.
fr: 99.6%: 6254 translated, 22 fuzzy, 4 untranslated.
de: 98.7%: 6200 translated, 56 fuzzy, 24 untranslated.
pl: 96.1%: 6032 translated, 179 fuzzy, 69 untranslated.
ja: 91%: 5684 translated, 238 fuzzy, 358 untranslated.
gd: 83%: 5241 translated, 728 fuzzy, 311 untranslated.
da: 71%: 4457 translated, 1275 fuzzy, 548 untranslated.
uk: 64%: 4030 translated, 1353 fuzzy, 897 untranslated.
it: 62%: 3866 translated, 1587 fuzzy, 827 untranslated.
nl: 61%: 3862 translated, 1473 fuzzy, 945 untranslated.
pt_BR: 58%: 3639 translated, 1791 fuzzy, 850 untranslated.
ko: 51%: 3212 translated, 1353 fuzzy, 1715 untranslated.
sv: 50%: 3165 translated, 1760 fuzzy, 1355 untranslated.
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Marko Lindqvist | 2 Mar 11:03 2016

Core translation domain

 In TRUNK (and future S3_0, by which name it's already known in some
places) translation domain 'freeciv' has been renamed as
'freeciv-core' to make it more clear that it's not all of freeciv, but
also 'freeciv-nations' and 'freeciv-ruledit' are part of freeciv
project translations. At the same time source tree directory hosting
files for the 'freeciv-core' translation domain was renamed from
'freeciv' to 'core'.

 The only thing this changes in merging translations between branches
is that target (or source, if you prefer to work mainly with TRUNK
strings and merge back to stable from there) po-file resides in
different directory.

 Po-files in
have been just updated and uploaded following the new hierarchy for
the first time.

 Current translation stats from TRUNK attached.

 - ML

ar 27%
bg 18%
ca 79%
cs 32%
da 57%
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Marko Lindqvist | 28 Feb 14:34 2016

S2_6 d3f

 Freeciv S2_6 will have its datafile formats frozen 09-Mar-16. While
there will be no release associated with this milestone of the 2.6
development, lets remind ourselves about the fact that there is a lot
of string changes between major versions such as 2.5 and 2.6, so for
some translators it might suit better to start translating 2.6
already, rather than to wait the week of string freeze just before the
 While not a release, hopefully there's going to be a snapshot build
for Windows soon after d3f to provide Windows-using modpack authors
means of testing their 2.6 content.

 I've just refreshed po-files in
 There has been some string changes in S2_5 since previous release.

 If translating S2_6-specific string at this point seems like too
early, updating S2_5 translations would benefit both future S2_5
releases and, when msgmerged to later branches, also S2_6. This is
true especially with 'nations' translation domain, as those strings
are identical in S2_5 and S2_6 (and even current TRUNK).

 We have not set date for 2.5.4 release yet, but it will certainly be
released before final 2.6.0 (If I had to guess, I'd say that
2.6.0-beta1 comes before 2.5.4, though)

 - ML

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Konstantin Vedeneev | 6 Feb 23:57 2016

Russian translation to 2.5.3

2016-02-06 1:33 GMT+05:00 Jacob Nevins

> Probably Sunday 7 Feb.
Here it is.
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Marko Lindqvist | 4 Feb 02:52 2016

Translation window for freeciv-2.5.3

 We are going to release freeciv-2.5.3 soon. The release is driven by
need to get one fix out to a compatibility problem with new version of
another piece of software.

 The release will NOT be made from current S2_5 HEAD (you may forget
everything that has been said about any certain fix "already being in
2.5.3") but it will be 2.5.2 + a couple of chosen fixes. Especially we
are making sure that no string changes (that already are plenty in
S2_5 after 2.5.2 release) will be included. The idea is that for most
part we will be using the same translations for 2.5.3 as we did for
 However, while we avoid translation stats regressions that way,
there's nothing preventing us from providing BETTER translations in
2.5.3 than we did in 2.5.2. So, you will have at least a couple of
days to submit improved 2.5.2/2.5.3 translation. We will announce the
exact day once we know it, but don't expect usual "minimum 7 days"
string freeze - we had it for these very strings before 2.5.2 already,
and now we are in a hurry.

 The .po-files with strings in question are available from 2.5.2
release, freeciv S2_5 revision 31494 (DON'T USE S2_5 HEAD that already
has different strings), or from

 For those who commit their translations themselves: the release
branch has not yet been created, there's no place to actually commit
translations yet.

 - ML

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Konstantin Vedeneev | 15 Jan 23:46 2016

Russian translation for 2.5

Hi all,

I hope this time I wasn't late for the next release...

Attachment (ru-r31643.tar.xz): application/octet-stream, 617 KiB
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Matteo Cavada | 11 Jan 13:37 2016

I would like to contribute to the Italian translation.

Hello everyone. I would like to contribute to the Italian translation of Freeciv (the last major translation was for 2.3, the wiki says), but I'm not sure how to do it.
I downloaded from the last stable relase (2.5.1) source code, compiled it and then I started working on the it.po file. Is this the correct way to proceed or am I missing something?

Thank you in advance!

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Jacob Nevins | 2 Jan 23:45 2016

Upcoming 2.5.2 release and string freeze

I plan to make the 2.5.2 release on the weekend of 16-17 January.
Draft release notes are at <>.
(There is a chance that the release may be delayed slightly due to my
work commitments.)

To that end, strings will be frozen on the S2_5 branch from 9th January
until release.

In fact, S2_5 strings have already been informally frozen for some time
and developers have been holding off committing string changes, so
translators can get stuck in already. Only important string changes
should be committed before 9th January.

The po-files at
are up-to-date.

(Current translation stats were just posted by Marko in another thread.)

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Marko Lindqvist | 26 Dec 22:40 2015

Yearly update-po

 02-Jan-16 it will be one year since S2_6 was branched. That branching
was the last time all TRUNK po-files were updated in svn, or S2_6. As
a yearly refresh, I'll run update-po to collect the latest
translatable strings for both TRUNK and S2_6 that day, and commit the
result to svn. This might get postponed if 'update-po' has any
problems (breakage in any of the files) or it seems that list of files
to collect string from is not completely up-to-date at that time.

 I plan to make also yearly update for the ChangeLog files of these
same branches.

 - ML

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Marko Lindqvist | 7 Nov 10:57 2015

Up to date po -files

I can't keep po-files updated against latest strings in much
longer. The files currently there are no longer updated, and will be
removed soon. At least as a temporary solution, files (updated just
today) are now available from:

These files are for the convenience of those translators who do not
want to go through the hazzle of refreshing their po-file to contain
the latest translatable strings from the freeciv source code.
The files are not automatically generated, and it can take some time
(weeks) from a string change in a source code to the next update of
these files.

po-files in freeciv svn are updated this way only when there's a
release from the branch, and in TRUNK usually only before branching a
new stable branch.

 - ML

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