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is held as a metaphysical dogma, to deny that the ra

Same individual, or
may animate him at different periods of life, the fact remains that they
are quite distinct.
Thirst and taste do not lead to excessive
drinking; and there is good evidence that
the degree of concentration and the dosage are important
factors in the amount
of harm alcohol may do to the individual.
The concern of evolutionists, therefore, is with the man who is so
constituted that the mental effects

of alcohol acting directly on the brain are pleasing, and we must show
that there is a congenital variability in this mental
quality, among individuals. Surely an appeal to personal experience
will leave little room for doubt on that point. The alcohol question is
so hedged about with moral

and ethical issues that those who never get drunk, or who perhaps never
even "take

a drink," are likely to ascribe that line of conduct to superior
intelligence and great
self-control. As a fact, a dispassionate analysis of the case will show
that why many such do not use alcoholic beverages to excess is because
intoxication has no charm for
them. He is so constituted that the action of alcohol on the brain is
distasteful r
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Tecidos Ecologicos | 13 Apr 20:57 2010

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