Detlef Schmicker | 20 Aug 17:01 2014

Journals for computer go related papers


I am writing a little paper on a new backup operator for MCTS. Now I
just realized, that most (nearly all) computer go related papers are
published in conference proceedings.

As a high school teacher I have no possibility to take part at

Do you think there are reasonable journals to consider or should I
simply use

Thanks a lot

"Ingo Althöfer" | 13 Aug 20:25 2014

Better now: Dream or Nightmare

Hi Aja, hi all,
sorry for the wrong formatting of the original mail.

Two comments on your postings:

(i) I did such analysis during the decisive final games of the EGC 2010 in Tampere.
I was sitting at home, had KGS running, and also ManyFaces 12 in analysis mode.
Every few moves I gave winning percentages (as estimated by MFoG) plus
some additional information like territory distribution.
Several co-spectator liked the service; some even explicitly said "thank you" to me.
Others proposed that I should shut-up (because a go-bot together with an operator
on 17-kyu level could not give helpful information.)

(ii) Having experiences from the world of chess and computer chess for 30 years
I can only warn to force such live computer analysis in the tournament hall. It
will not be for long that cheating with computer help (eDoping) will play a role
in tournament Go - and having the computers even in the tournament halls will
make things even worse.

Cheers, Ingo.

PS. In my new book (together with chess IM and puzzle expert Roland Voigt)
computer abuse in tournament chess will be a central chapter.
The book will come to the market in mid-October. Unfortunately it is - at
least the first edition - in German.


Aja wrote
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Lars Schäfers | 12 Aug 21:01 2014

PhD Thesis - Lars / Gomorra

Hi all,

after quite some years I eventually completed my PhD. As the thesis is
too large to be accepted as attachment by this list, please find my
thesis for download here (until I find a proper place for hosting it):

Perhaps some of you will find some time to have a look into it. The
largest part is about the parallelization of MCTS for HPC clusters 
that I developed and used with Gomorra.

I am happy that the end of my PhD study is actually not the end for
Gomorra. Tobias Graf started his PhD study some month ago and continues
to work on/with Gomorra. He is a very talented guy and I'm happy that he
is now pushing things forward. 

With the end of my PhD study I also left academia for now. But who knows
how life goes on..

Thanks a lot to all of you! It was a lot of fun to be part of this
friendly and constructive community. I will keep on reading this list
and hope to see some of you in the future again!

For those of you who like a more compact read of the parallelization
part of my thesis: I will soon come along with a recently accepted
T-CIAIG paper about it. Just have to check if the copyright terms allow
me to distribute an author manuscript on this list.

Best wishes,
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Petr Baudis | 12 Aug 13:35 2014

[ANN] Imago - Go board optical recognition


  Tomas Musil (a student of mine), has created a state-of-the-art open
source Go board optical recognition software.  We have focused on
completely automatic runs, so it automatically detects the board corners
and then the stones on the board, and the precision seems pretty good
at least in reasonable lighting conditions.

  You can find it at together with a lot of
pictures, documentation and bachelor thesis describing the algorithms
in detail.  In the thesis, Tomas also compares it against other similar
apps, and it appears Imago shows the best performance of all these
that were available to us.

  Unfortunately, we specifically couldn't easily compare it to Remi
Coulom's Kifu-snap for multiple reasons - mainly because that is
a mobile app.  Hopefully, someone will be able to compare these two
in the future.  At any rate, I think Imago is a great starting point
for anyone who would like to play with Go board recognition.

  My personal dream would be if we added video capability and further
improved speed + reliability in time for EGC2015 (in Czech Republic)
and were able to deploy it there to transfer large number of top boards.
But this will depend on how much time Tomas will have after the summer
(and we didn't actually check with EGC2015 organizers yet), so it's
still more of just a dream.  :-)

				Petr Baudis
Olivier Teytaud | 5 Aug 11:42 2014

phantom go

I try to design something equivalent to two-gtp
for phantom Go.

Anyone aware of:
  • something already existing for that ?
  • a twogtp style program which asks for another move in case of illegal play ?
Best regards,

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Olivier Teytaud | 5 Aug 11:11 2014

phantom go

I try to design something equivalent to two-gtp
for phantom Go.

Anyone aware of:
  • something already existing for that ?
  • a twogtp style program which asks for another move in case of illegal play ?
Best regards,
Computer-go mailing list
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Nick Wedd | 5 Aug 11:10 2014

Komi for 13x13

In January 2011, I took a poll on what komi to use for 9x9 bot
tournaments on KGS. There was a majority in favour of changing from
7.5 to 7.

During Sunday's 13x13 KGS bot tour, someone suggested also changing
the 13x13 komi from 7.5 to 7. The main argument for changing must
be that 7.5 favours White.  So here are the statistics from recent
KGS 13x13 bot tournaments:

                   White  Black
                    wins  wins
2014 August          13   9
      April           36  27
2103 December        12  18
      April           28  20

TOTALS               89  74

I am inclined to think there is not a convincing reason to change.
But I will welcome persuasion; or better, more statistics.


Nick Wedd
nick <at>
Nick Wedd | 4 Aug 18:00 2014

Congratulations to pachi!

Congratulations to pachi, winner of yesterday's 13x13 KGS bot

My report is at
and as usual I look forward to receiving your comments and corrections.


Nick Wedd
nick <at>
Mikko Aarnos | 3 Aug 15:08 2014

9x9 and 13x13 game records

This is a rather embarrassing to post(as by doing this I must admit that 
I wasn't able to find things I want on google), but does anyone have a 
moderately sized 9x9 and 13x13 game collection(where both players are at 
least fairly strong) I could download? All databases I've found so far 
have severe shortcomings. First, for some reason the game archives on 
CGOS are gone.  Second, the 9x9 pro collection on is very 
good in quality, but it is unfortunately too small and doesn't have 
13x13 obviously. And finally, the huge collection of games from NNGS 
consists of games played almost exclusively by weak players, literally 
 >99.99% of the games must be discarded which leaves a few dozen 13x13 
and 9x9 games which is not even nearly enough.


Mikko Aarnos
"Ingo Althöfer" | 3 Aug 12:21 2014

What happened with the August bot tournament

I just looked into the website of the August bot tournament.
Big surprise: no more 7 or more applicants, but only two
unknown "players". What has happened?

"Ingo Althöfer" | 1 Aug 09:37 2014

Logos zur codecentric-challenge


in October 2014, German top amateur Franz-Josef Dickhut (6-dan)
and Remi Coulom's bot CrazyStone will ply a "best of 5" match,
without handicap.

Now two logos for the combattants have been created:

FJ has selected an old wizard at work:

Remi has made a more traditional choice:

Enjoy, Ingo.