Robert Brockway | 9 May 06:18 2016

Found some good client side scripting examples

Hi all.  I was looking at doing more with client side scripts, in 
particular in bash.  While Googling for 'crossfire script items actv' (no 
quotes) I came across some great examples.  The author apparently had 
issues posting them to the Metalforge forums so it isn't clear if they 
were ever posted anywhere else.  Here they are.



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John Floren | 29 Apr 20:48 2016

building very old versions


I have some very fond memories of installing Crossfire from a Redhat
6.2 disk way back in the day; I seem to remember the game being
monochrome, with much simpler maps, but still very fun.

I was hoping someone might have some tips on what revisions I should
check out in the svn repo (I'm not very familiar with svn, I'm more of
a git person) and how exactly one would build the older versions.


Rick Tanner | 18 Apr 22:37 2016

Web forum offline

The web forum at is offline for the time being.

There was hardware failure so I am going to move/migrate to a Virtual
Server and recover from backups - but that is going to take a few days
(or longer..) because of my current work load.

Robert Brockway | 2 Apr 04:20 2016

A funny thing happened on the way to the new maps

Hi all.  I'm a long time CF player who has mostly lurked.  I've played on 
and off since 94 or so.  I did some map work ages ago but never submitted 

Anyway recently I've been focussing on doing work on CF.  Since I'm not 
great at C I have been playing mostly with plugins and maps.

Anyway I've been having fun building a new world over the last few months. 
I modified the 'land' utility a little and have played a lot with 
different land forms.  My modified version is called 'bigland' and allows 
for the creation of quite large land forms.  I've written a script which 
calls bigland and records the parameters used in a file so they can be 
reproduced later.

I've created a new world running on my server which is 1000x1000 maps.  I 
started small but gradually made bigger and bigger land forms.  There are 
reasons I went and built a world this big that I can go in to later.

That's really just an intro...

Since finalising the world I wanted I've been adding cities, roads, 
dungeons, etc.  I built one city and then decided it was too close to the 
portal from the old world so I turned it into a ruined city.  I put a few 
monsters in the ruined city - giant rats, some undead and others.  For the 
most part they stay in the city but they may harass travellers on the road 
that passes by the ruined city.

I also put in mice :)  I had wondered whether monsters would move between 
tiles on a world map.  I have my answer now :)  The mice are spreading 
like a plague on my new world map - passing well beyond the original one 
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Matthew Giassa | 24 Nov 03:57 2015

Question - Non-friendly maps

I've played this game on-and-off for nearly two decades now, mostly 
source-diving to gain bits of insight with respect to writing an online 
tile-based game. I've been using a private server plus MetalForge for 
testing, and it seems some of the maps on MF are designed solely to 
frustrate players unless they too want to source-dive or (ab)use map 
editors (ie: Deliantra's online map viewer) to make maps easier.

Case in point: Ancient Pupland Volcano Quest for WDSM: a lengthy quest 
to get a key, followed by running through a room of deathtraps (ie: 4x 
"Soul Detectors" with all sorts of nasty stuff attacking you from every 
angle like jumping into a fish tank of piranhas), followed by a 1/9th 
chance of getting the desired reward.

Also, the Somarok quest, where the first level is riddled with 
ultra-fast characters that annihilate a level 110 character with top 
tier gear in seconds. This is manageable, but only with a select set of 
player combinations.

Has there been a massive change in AC/WC/Speed/HP/Level balancing over 
the past couple of years? It seems the only way to legitimately get past 
these obstacles is abusing in-game exploits (ie: "cause red death", 
"divine shock"), and various race/class/cult combinations cannot proceed.




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Rick Tanner | 16 Jul 07:17 2015

Crossfire GTK2 Client installation on Windows 10 (preview copy)


As a test, I encountered no issues or problems installing the GTK2
Client for Windows (1.60.2 snapshot) on Windows 10 (Pro Insider
Preview, Evaluation copy, Build 10130) in a VMWare Fusion session.

The game seemed to have better screen refresh rates (better, not
great) with the layout.

Fog of war feature works. smoothing works.

I have not tested character creation on multiple servers, so far I
have only tested logging in to an existing character on metalforge serve

Quick draft of the installation with screen shots:

Nicolas Weeger | 25 May 11:43 2015

Qt experiments


I'm experimenting with Qt (core only, no graphical stuff for now) for the 
server, and would like to share that.

I can either work on a specific branch in SVN, or in trunk, as people want.

And no, massive OO refactoring is not planned for now - just using base 
functions to clean the code & remove cruft.

And yes, if things don't work too badly, I fully intend to submit that as a 
patch for use in regular trunk.


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Rick Tanner | 28 Apr 02:18 2015

Updated wiki (finally...)

After much work and frequent setbacks, the Crossfire wiki is now up
and running at it's new server.

All user account login information migrated over and is working as
best as I can tell. If you encounter any problems with your login,
please contact me directly (off list.)

The old server is still online, but is locked down so the content can
not be updated. After further testing of the new wiki, a redirect will
be set up to send all web queries to the new wiki location.

I will also work on updating links and other references that use the
(now) old server location.

Rick Tanner | 28 Apr 02:17 2015

Additional metaservers


To clarify on the additional metaservers added in r19878 and r19879,
they are for redundancy purposes.

As things stand now, clients and servers are not configured to query
one metaserver vs. another based on their geographic location or other

If you want a quick lookup for all the metaservers, visit:

As for why the additional metaservers?

This takes some of the stress off of me for server reboots and other
maintenance tasks as game clients will still have other metaservers to
query. And hopefully having an additional metaserver on a different
continent helps with availability and reliability as well.

The secondary US based metaserver
( is still hosted
here at Real Time, but resides on a different physical virtual machine
node then the "primary" metaserver

As for the new domain name, - it was a domain that was
available and is related to the project name, so that is why I used
it. Plus I hope it helps to avoid|reduces the confusion of when much
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Kevin Zheng | 30 Nov 20:00 2014

Shop prices overhaul

Hi all,

At the moment, Crossfire's shops aren't particularly useful. For
medium-level players, prices seem unreasonable, while new players can't
afford to buy from shops at all. Old players with high charisma and
bargaining, on the other hand, don't notice a huge discrepancy.

The attached patch attempts to fix some of these issues:

Charisma and bargaining now only affect the shop buy price, with
multipliers ranging from 2x for new players to 0.5x for very advanced
players. This is consistent with rogue-style shopkeeper greed but still
better than the existing situation. Bargaining is now significantly less
useful; the hope is that in the near future it is replaced with
interactive "haggling".

The sell price is clamped down to 0.5x base price, subject to additional
shop specialization and greed. This sell price is mostly better than the
existing prices, and at the very least prevents high level players from
buying and selling for a profit.

Comments, questions, clarifications, or hate mail?

Kevin Zheng


Kevin Zheng
kevinz5000@... |
kevinz@... | PGP: 0xC22E1090
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David Hurst | 11 Sep 14:54 2014

Wiki Changes

Hi Crossfire,

I have had an itch to tidy up the Wiki pages and today put my ideas into effect. I wanted to make the pages more clearly separated to (I hope) make it easier to find information. A lot of pages were dated around 2008 and appear to have drifted out of date or out of position. The changes I made weren't focused on removing any content but rather moving it, splitting it, or merging it to fit the new structure. 

The new structure as explained on the Crossfire Wiki start page is:

The Sworn book of Scorn This section is dedicated to the mechanics and implementation of crossfire as a game.
Help/Support This section focuses on guides and information that will assist in installing and running Crossfire servers and clients.
Community This section provides useful links for connecting with other crossfire fans.
Development This section is the communal edit/scratchpad to document and kick off new ideas, and in-game content. Everyone is welcome to contribute. Please remember that while the wiki is useful for brainstorming, archiving, and listing new ideas, always consult the mailing list before implementing any significant changes to the game.

For more detailed information on this structure you can visit the Crossfire Wiki:style guide

I also drew on the Google analytic report to try and identify which areas of the wiki were most heavily getting viewed. At present most visitors were apparently seeking assistance in installing crossfire, particularly the server, or were leaving after reading the FAQ. I suspect the FAQ is a little over due for review but didn't spend much time on it. It is currently very long and overlaps with a lot of content elsewhere on both the crossfire website and the wiki.

I welcome feedback on whether you like this new structure and any further changes that you think would be valuable. In particular I would love some help in adding various game mechanics to the Sworn book of Scorn. Please feel free to come talk Wiki with me in the IRC channel.


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