razer_ray | 10 Jan 20:36 2006

New Member

Hello All,

My name is Ray Beierling.  I have been playing crokinole ever since I 
can remeber.  I believe my neighbor introduced it to me and I have 
been playing ever since.  I was a memeber of the Varna Crokinole club 
for a few years, but have been unable to attend since I went to 
college.  I have played in all the WCC tournaments, but have yet to 
win the singles title.  I still have a lot to learn about the game, 
but my goal is to someday win the WCC adult singles division title.

My question is, are there any tournaments outside of Ontario?
If there is, does anybody know where and when they are?  I am very 
interested and would like to try to attend if possible.

Thanks for you time,

larilax | 27 Jan 20:49 2006

Re: working on crokinole-hockey game...

--- In Crokinole <at> yahoogroups.com, "Ben" <flickhockey <at> y...> wrote:
> Hi.
> I planning to make a crokinole-hockey game which will be a mix of 
> two beautiful games and i would like to get some questions regarding 
> wooden crokinole as for which is the best crokinole to play with if i 
> stand a hockey player on it (stiga tbale hockey figures)?? I'm pretty 
> sure that this game will be a major hit.
> Any help will be very appreciated.
> e-mail: flickhockey <at> y...
> Regards
> Ben from Montreal

  Hi Ben,

     Your Flick-hockey game sounds interesting.   I'm glad to see you're
  from Montreal as I'm researching the possibility of organizing a
  Crokinole Tournament.  Let's talk.



                       larilax <at> yahoo.fr

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