kevingnunn | 28 Nov 22:40 2013

Protospiel Houston -- Coming in March!

For several years, David E. Whitcher has been running a fantastic game design conference in the Ann Arbor, MI area. Protospiel has been an inspiring get-together for amateur and established game designers to test and promote game concepts. Sadly, the event will be scaling back in the future.

To help fill this void, Houston is gaining its own Protospiel Event.

Pro tospiel Houston will run Friday March 14 - Sunday March 16. We will have guest speakers and representatives from several game companies.

The atmosphere will be casual but everyone is serious about making great games.

North America has an active and sprawling design community. Protospiel Houston is your best chance at face-to-face collaboration with some of the most energetic designers in the world!


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Jim | 10 Jul 06:06 2013

Games on the Game Crafter

I have just published some games on The Game Crafter, which is a print on demand game printer.

Seven Treasures, a custom card game:

Tribes, an original dice game:

Has anyone else used them? And what did you think of their service?

-Jim DuBois


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dralius2001 | 13 May 15:19 2013

Protospiel - Ann arbor

I just wanted to remind everyone that the dead line for pre-registration for the Protospiel game designers
conference is June 11. 

The event itself is July 12-14 in Ann Arbor, MI.

More details can be found at our website.


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douggerbeast | 24 Mar 15:38 2013


While the design of money-making, serious, even complex games appears to be a focus of this group, I was
wondering if anyone here works on simple, 'throw aways'.

While working on a simple one page star fighter game, requiring a pair of scissors to cut apart, rules on the
back of the board, and a few pair of six siders, the leader of our small group suggested it would make a great
advertisement give away for my store. Also, he said it should be possible, with simple rule substitutions
and some added art, to make variations that would 'keep them coming back for more'.

I know some companies work this way, adding a freebie to a brochure, for instance.  



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dralius2001 | 5 Apr 20:21 2013

Protospiel 2013

Registration for the 2013 Protospiel game designers conference is open.

If you not familiar with Protospiel we focus on testing unfinished games. It is open to armatures and
professionals alike.


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douggerbeast | 25 Feb 21:37 2013

Greetings from Nebraska - Yes, we play and design games

Not sure if I'm in the right place, though.

While I am a 'current and aspiring board game or card game designer', it's mostly as a hobby, so not sure how
much I'll be involved at getting my 'creations' 'to the game-buying public'.

On the other side, I won't be competition. ;->=



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fearisslavery | 6 Nov 15:42 2012


   I started this thread to help new game designers spread the word about their kickstarter board game
projects, and in turn, to ask all of you to share our project with your friends networks. This is a tough
industry to break in to, so I thought this might be good a way to spread our reach and scratch each other's

here's my project. if you like it, please share it with anyone you know who might be interested. 


Mike Grenier
Angry Duck Games


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Tony L | 29 Oct 17:50 2012

Pocket Gladiators: A New Combat-Disk Fighting Game


If you got a minute, please take a look at the prototype of my new game, Pocket Gladiators, at It's a portable fighting game where you "build" a warrior from
disk representing different combat styles, maneuvers, weapons, armor, etc., and challenge other
warriors in quick duels lasting 5- to 15-minutes each. It'll be on Kickstarter for funding soon.

Much appreciate it if you would cruise over and check it out. Please feel free to ask questions, leave
comments and feedback either here on on the page. Thanks!

Tony Lee


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bluepantherllc | 15 Sep 21:02 2012

Aloha: The Spirit of Hawaii is now live on KickStarter

Blue Panther LLC is pleased to announce the commencement of the Aloha:
The Spirit of Hawaii crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter.

Designed by the father and son team of Norv and Brad Brooks, Aloha: The
Spirit of Hawaii covers the sweep of history from the Polynesian
migrations to statehood in 1950.    A euro style game of area control
and resource management, it can be learned in 10-15 minutes and plays
for 2-4 people in 60-90 minutes.

Link is below...
ALOHA: The Spirit of Hawaii

Thanks for your time
Steve Jones
Blue Panther LLC

Blue Panther LLC is a publisher and manufacturer of board games and dice
towers, print-on-demand games, short-run games and custom components
including dice.   All made in the USA

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Lew | 31 Aug 20:26 2012

New game design book available

I hope it is not too self-serving to let you know that a new book I've written about learning how to design
games is now available from McFarland & Co Publishers
[] and from many online sellers such
as Amazon

The title (which I did not select) is "Game Design: How to Create Video and Tabletop Games, Start to Finish". 
My title was "Learning Game Design".  It is not written as a textbook with scholarly paraphernalia,
because to me that's the "kiss of death" for any other purpose: no one *wants* to read a textbook, they have
to be forced to.   Nonetheless I do have 17,000 classroom hours of teaching experience, a great deal of it
"hands on", practical, rather than theoretical, in computing and in game creation.   The book *is* written
for people who want to teach themselves how to design games.  The premise is that beginners learn much more
by working with tabletop games, which provide immediate feedback while not requiring specialized
skills such as programming and art.

A detailed Table of Contents is available on the first page at .

Half of McFarland's market is libraries, so you might be able to request that your local library get a copy,
if they don't have one.

If you want to know more about me see Wikipedia: "Lewis Pulsipher"; "Britannia (board game)",, or my "Expert Blog" on Gamasutra.

Unsolicited testimonial:
"Dear Mr. Pulsipher,
Just finished your book on tabletop and video games and it was awesome! I appreciate all the great advice and
the realistic expectation level it sets for designers. The supporting website is so helpful. Thank you so
much for taking the time to do this book and sharing your knowledge and experience.
Lori Nelson"

Lew Pulsipher

Lewis Pulsipher, Ph.D. (military and diplomatic history, Duke University)
·designer of Britannia (1986 etc.), Dragon Rage (1982 and 2011), Valley of the Four Winds (1980), Swords &
Wizardry (1979), Law & Chaos (Mayfair), etc.
·Wikipedia: "Lewis Pulsipher"; "Britannia (board game)"; "Archomental"
·Author of "Game Design: How to Create Video and Tabletop Games, Start to Finish", August 2012
·contributor, "Tabletop Analog Game Design," "Hobby Games: the 100 Best," "Family Games: the 100 Best,"
·17,000 classroom hours of teaching experience (college and graduate)
·twitter:  <at> lewpuls
·Game design blog: and
·Teach game design blog:
·"Expert blogger", Gamasutra:
·former contributing editor, White Dwarf, Dragon, Space Gamer, etc.
·former publisher, Supernova, Blood and Iron, Sweep of History, etc.


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gontzagames | 15 Mar 00:40 2012

Game Rules Editing

Hi All!
I don't believe I've introduced myself in this forum while wearing my "other" hat. I am the owner of Gontza
Games, and have been in the game business since the summer of 2002. 
Last year I entered into a partnership, Gemini Wordsmiths. We are a full service
copyediting/proofreading/content development business. Because of my involvement in gaming, we have
a specialty in reviewing game rules. Please visit our website for a testimonial from one game designer.
Good luck to all and thanks for listening. ;-D
Ann Stolinsky
Owner, Gontza Games
Partner, Gemini Wordsmiths


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