Indonesia Bicycle Expo | 2 May 15:39 2011

Undangan: Inabicycle 2011 (Indonesia Bicycle Expo) 26 - 29 May, Jakarta Convention Center_

Yth Bpk/Ibu,

Dengan senang kami mengundang Bpk/Ibu untuk mengunjungi pameran sepeda
terbesar di Indonesia – Inabicycle (Indonesia International Bicycle Expo
2011) bertempat di Jakarta Convention Center (Balai Sidang Jakarta,
Senayan), 26 – 29 May 2011.

Pameran sepeda ini diikuti oleh lebih dari 100 brand bicycle dan aksesoris
ternama dari Taiwan, China, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand dll
yang akan memamerkan a.l. MTB, Downhill, Folding-bike, Fixie, Road bike,
Street bike, Accessories and Spareparts, Bags, dll.

Gratis masuk pameran/tidak dipungut biaya dan dapatkan diskon penawaran
menarik untuk pembelian selama pameran!

Terlampir poster undangan pameran – atau dapat dilihat di

Hilda M.
Promotion Dept.

Secretariat 021-7892938 | Indonesia Bicycle Expo 2011

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Google Inc. | 2 May 15:13 2011

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Cire | 3 May 10:06 2011

Used Offset Printing Press From Spain - Barcelona


Used Offset Printing Press from Spain




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Skype: ciremg     info <at>


We do not intentionally send our offers of machinery to any unwilling recipients. If you no longer wish to receive our emails, please send us an email and you will be removed from our list. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused



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FedEx Courier Express UK | 3 May 12:36 2011

Dear Customer

Dear Customer/Beneficiary!
Kindly contact our delivery department with the details Given below:

FedEx Courier Express UK
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St | 4 May 20:11 2011


I want your business partnership in your country Pls can it be possible for you to lead me into a lucrative investment project in your country for the both benefit in the future, i need your response as soon as if your interested in the offer for further details,My Name is Miss.Angela.
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Louis | 5 May 03:38 2011

Animated Movie/TV Series - Cartoon Movie/TV Series - 3D/2D Animation Services

You are receiving this email because we wish you to use our 3D/2D Animated Movie/TV Series Services.

We are a China based Animated Movie/TV Series Studio. with the technical, our studo is a computer animation
studio with the technical, creative and production capabilities to create a new generation of animated
feature films, merchandise and other related products. Our objective is to combine proprietary
technology and world-class creative talent to develop computer-animated feature films with memorable
characters and heartwarming stories that appeal to audiences of all ages. We utilize the finest
equipment available in the industry, offer efficient data delivery and unrivaled quality and work until
the client is fully satisfied with the end product. 

Core Offerings
2D Animation
3D Animation
4D Animation
Cartoon Animation
Animated Movies 
Architecture Visualization 
Character Animation 
Animated Commercial 
Animated Presentation 
Walkthrough Animation 
Flash Presentation 
Logo Animation 
Animated Wallpapers 
Animated Graphics 

We are also looking for agents who can represent us in USA and Europe in order to gain more Animated Movie orders.

Best regards,
Tanmansoniu Animation Services
Contact: ibanicontact <at>

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Microsoft Inc Uk | 5 May 10:48 2011

Congratulations:-View Your Winning Notification By Attachment

Microsoft Co-operation Lottery Award Download The Attached File

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Microsoft Inc Uk | 5 May 10:55 2011

Congratulations:-View Your Winning Notification By Attachment

Microsoft Co-operation Lottery Award Download The Attached File

Help Line +44-703-1743-606

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Atual Card | 10 May 19:35 2011

Atendendo a pedidos lança ENVELOPES

A Atual Card respeita a sua privacidade e é contra o envio de spam para seus clientes. Se você não deseja mais receber nossos e-mails, cancele sua inscrição aqui.
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cliente | 12 May 20:16 2011

Banco Santander Real S/A.


 Prezado Cliente,

 É com grande satisfação que a equipe de segurança do Internet Banking

 Real Santander envia este e-mail a você cliente.
o motivo pelo qual estamos entrando em contato e para alertar sobre o
cadastro de sua conta no nosso Banco de dados.

Após a Unificação do Banco Real e Santander, alguns clientes terão que
fazer uma simples confirmação para que possamos dar continuidade a
todas as suas transações bancarias, inclusive as efetuadas nos caixas eletrônicos.
Para sua maior comodidade abrimos um canal via Internet Banking, evitando
assim o congestionamento em nossas agencias e lhe proporcionando rapidez e conforto.

Prazo de ate 5 dias úteis.

Para regularizar-se agora: Clique Aqui.


Ainda se preferir utilize nosso link direto, clicando aqui.


 Atenção: Caso a regularização não seja feita, o acesso via Caixas-Eletrônicos e Internet-Banking ficará suspenso
e seu Cartão junto com Chaves de Segurança serão cancelados, impossibilitando
acessos e movimentações.

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