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check this out when you get a chance
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Re: Hey

hey here is that article
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Csanyi Pal | 31 Aug 13:07 2008

link to the current page don't works


I have a wiki page with headings.

At the beginning of the document I want to put links to these


I wrote before every heading an #anchor, like these:
* Heading1

* Heading2


The first link: 'HeaDing1#anchor1' works, the cursor has moved to the 
* Heading1

point, but the second link 'HeaDing2#anchor2' open a new Wiki
page. Why? 


Regards, Paul Csanyi
Csanyi Pal | 30 Jul 11:35 2008

Open a files in emacs-wiki with external applications


Is it possible to open a file clicking on a link in emacs-wiki
mode with approppriate applications? 

Say one want to open a PDF file but with evince, or file.sch with
gschem application. Can one open these files with evince and gschem

Any advices will be appreciated!


Regards, Paul Csanyi
Paul Csanyi | 22 Apr 13:12 2008

usnig zenirc


I try to post this mail to gmane.emacs.zenirc.devel but with no
success, however, I am subscribed to zenirc group.

My problem.

I would like to heare a beep sound when I get a buddy message in
zenirc. Is this possyble?

Any advices will be appreciated!


Regards, Paul Csanyi
Jaime Fournier | 13 Feb 18:00 2008

Getting "%20" in my Index listing

For some reason when I create links with [[Foo Bar One]] within the wiki
the Index page has "Foo%20Bar One"

Is there anyway to keep it from converting the spaces?


ober <at>
Seb | 9 Oct 17:50 2007

access to :style-sheet from <lisp> tag


If we have a style defined:

(muse-derive-style "my-xhtml" "xhtml"
		   :style-sheet "<link rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" media=\"all\"
                                href=\"include/style.css\" />")

and we want to write a header file for the projects using this derived
style, what variable can be used inside a <lisp> tag to insert the
contents of :style-sheet above?  For the projects using the xhtml style, I
can use <lisp>muse-xhtml-style-sheet</lisp>, but what's the variable for a
derived style?  Thanks.



ecocode | 26 Sep 11:03 2007

delete or rename a page


How can I delete a muse planner page ? This should delete the file, but
also remove all tasks from referenced pages.

And how can I rename a page ? This should also modify the references in
all referenced tasks on other pages.



Erik Colson
Janzo | 24 Sep 20:48 2007

Hello to list. Need help with mediawiki.el

Hello everybody.
I want to use emacs for edit mediawiki, I found mediawiki.el but I
have some dudes about it. I don't know if this is an apropiate list
for request for help, but I don't find any howto, tutorial or
disscusion about. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong??

I put mediawiki.el in the path ~/.elisp
I put this on my ~/.emacs file:
;mediawiki edition
(setq mediawiki-url "")
(require 'mediawiki)

(first dubt: can I edit a non local wiki? or it has to be a local wiki?)

then I run emacs
M x mediawiki-mode
M x mediawiki-set-url

(second dubt: why I have to enable mediawiki-mode and set url? It is
already set in ~/.emacs it isn't?)

M x mediawiki-browse (this don't do anything)
M x mediawiki-open Portada
Then I get this message: <<Wrong type argument: integerp, "close">>
and in the debugger I get this:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (wrong-type-argument integerp "close")
  concat("Connection" ": " ("close"))
  (lambda (pair) (concat (car pair) ": " (cdr pair)))(("Connection" "close"))
  mapconcat((lambda (pair) (concat (car pair) ": " (cdr pair)))
(("Connection" "close")) "
  (setq message-headers (mapconcat (lambda ... ...) headers "
  (progn (setq message-headers (mapconcat ... headers "
  (if headers (progn (setq message-headers ...)))
  (when headers (setq message-headers (mapconcat ... headers "
  (let* (host dir file port proc buf command start-line
(message-headers "")) (unless (string-match
"http://\\([^/:]+\\)\\(:\\([0-9]+\\)\\)?/\\(.*/\\)?\\([^:]*\\)" url)
(error "Cannot parse URL %s." url)) (unless bufname (setq bufname
...)) (setq host (match-string 1 url) port (or ... 80) dir (or ... "")
file (or ... "") buf (get-buffer-create bufname) proc
(open-network-stream ... buf ... ...)) (if sentinel (set-buffer buf)
(switch-to-buffer buf)) (erase-buffer) (kill-all-local-variables)
(with-current-buffer buf (setq http-host host) (setq http-url url))
(if content-type (setq file ...)) (setq start-line (concat ... ...))
(when http-emacs-use-cookies (let ... ...)) (when headers (setq
message-headers ...)) (setq command (format "%s%s
\n" start-line message-headers)) (http-log (format "Connecting to %s
%d\nCommand:\n%s\n" host port command)) (http-log message-headers)
(set-process-sentinel proc (or sentinel ...))
(set-process-coding-system proc (quote binary) (quote binary)) (when
(fboundp ...) (with-current-buffer buf ...)) (set-process-filter proc
(quote http-filter)) (set-marker (process-mark proc) (point-max))
(process-send-string proc command) proc)
(("Connection" "close")) nil nil "MediaWiki: Portada" nil)
  (set (quote proc) (http-get page-uri headers nil http-ver bufname
  (let ((page-uri url) (page-timestamp nil) (doc-timestamp nil) (proc
nil) (headers ...) (userAndPassword nil)) (when (string-match
mediawiki-password-URI-pattern page-uri) (setq userAndPassword ...)
(setq page-uri ...) (add-to-list ... ...)) (set (quote proc) (http-get
page-uri headers nil http-ver bufname content-type)) (emacs-wiki-mode)
(set-buffer-file-coding-system (quote utf-8)) (make-local-variable
(quote mediawiki-page-timestamp)) (setq mediawiki-page-timestamp nil)
(set (make-local-variable ...) title) (set (make-local-variable ...)
page-uri) (set (make-local-variable ...) userAndPassword) (unless
goto-end (while ... ...) (goto-char 1)) (not-modified) proc)
"MediaWiki: Portada" nil nil nil)
  mediawiki-edit("Portada" "raw")

Please, can you help me? I try to get help in #emacs channel and
somebody tell me that there was a bug on mediawiki.el, but I can't
program in Lisp so I can't fix it.

Thanks in advance.
Alicante, Spain.


Mi parolas esperanton:
GPG public key: $wget -O - | gpg –import
emacs-wiki-discuss mailing list
emacs-wiki-discuss <at> | 16 Aug 22:44 2007

Re: edit .emacs and then ....

> 2) close and reopen and still have all the same buffers available so I don't 
> have to open easch manually.

Although you can evaluate the lisp as Ryan says, if you are still interested in doing this, for any reason,
take a look at desktop.

David | 15 Jun 11:16 2007

edit .emacs and then ....

This is a real newby question. I have a load of buffers in emacs and I
edit .emacs with some new cool macro or what ever. To get the new code
working I could close and restart emacs, but I will have to re-load
every buffer. Is there an easy way to either 1) get the new lisp code
working without closing and reopening, or 2) close and reopen and
still have all the same buffers available so I don't have to open
easch manually.



David Pleydell

Laboratoire de Biologie Environnementale
Université de Franche-Comté
Place Leclerc F

(0033) 0381665763
dpleydel <at>