Thien-Thi Nguyen | 2 Jul 12:29 2009


Greetings earthlings,

Perhaps Emacs already has some support for
interactive pair replacement, but i am ignorant.

Below is a simple command that i consider
sometimes good, bad, ugly and all-of-the-above.
I post it in hopes that it will elicit pointers
to similar (or better or prettier) sketches.


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Daniel Colascione | 26 Jul 02:31 2009

espresso-mode 9

espresso-mode 9 is out. It is a bugfix release that includes Emacs 23  
compatibility and a fix for a minor parsing issue involving single- 
character regular expressions.

You can find it at

espresso-mode is a Javascript-mode for GNU Emacs. Its features include:

     * Good performance editing even very large files
     * Support for cc-mode's smart comment wrapping and indentation
     * C preprocessor support ― yes, people use this with Javascript
     * Full suite of movement commands, including beginning-of-defun,  
end-of-defun, and so on. This feature allows commands like narrow-to- 
defun work correctly.
     * Configurable recognition of class definitions. Javascript,  
being a prototype-based language, has no “classes” per se, but there  
are constructions that have the same conceptual meaning. espresso-mode  
recognizes class definitions from several popular Javascript  
frameworks, including:
           o Plain Javascript (manipulating prototype directly)
           o MochiKit
           o Prototype
           o Dojo
           o ExtJS
     * Hierarchical imenu support using the aforementioned class  
definition recognition with support for classes, methods, top-level  
functions and nested classes.
     * Robust fontification of regular expression literals
     * Support for Javascript 1.6, Javascript 1.7, and Javascript 1.8  
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