Johan Tibell | 8 Aug 18:35 2008

Re: Making python-mode use only tabs

Barry suggested that I ask this question on this list instead:

On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 4:45 PM, Barry Warsaw <barry <at>> wrote:
>> Our Python style guide states that we can only use tabs for
>> indentation. I've made python-mode use tabs, however, there's still
>> some cases where Emacs inserts a space, namely when aligning parameter
>> names in function definitions and calls. Is there an easy way to
>> convince python-mode to use  tabs for everything? I realize that the
>> result might be a bit ugly but right now I've to manually delete lots
>> of spaces, wasting time.
> It'll probably be difficult, but with all due respect, I also think it's
> insane to try ;).  I think using tabs is exactly the wrong decision for
> Python code.  Almost everyone who writes Python uses a spaces-only policy.

I can assure you that the decision to use all tabs wasn't mine.

> But hey, bring it up on the mailing list and see what people think!

Will do.