Andreas Röhler | 30 Sep 08:51 2014

Re: [Bug 1375122] Re: py-indent-line behavior from 6.1.1

On 29.09.2014 23:02, Jonathan C. Dodd wrote:
> Unfortunately, C-j is only possible from the previous line, and I tend
> to jump around the code quite a bit.  When I come back wanting to e. g.
> insert a new line into a matrix, I have to either go to the line before
> the one I have inserted and press C-j from there, or press TAB
> repeatedly and align the remainder with spaces.  This is completely
> unintuitive and inconsistent relative to other modes (c++-mode, js-mode,
> emacs-lisp-mode etc etc, which all move cursor to rightmost sane
> indentation when pressing TAB).

Seeing you point. However, the way it behaves now is the default for years.

May change the behaviour so jumps to outmost with first TAB, stepping
backwards afterwards.

Or have another boolean and customization?
Barry, WDYT?

Will cc it to python-mode mailing-list.
Andreas Röhler | 1 Sep 18:02 2014

Completion of symbols defined in current buffer

Hi Barry,

being inclined to drop that feature

Emacs provides dabbrev-expand, which is Python-agnostic but fairly effectiv.
Otherwise the buffers content needs to be evaluated - with means, it must be correct already.


Andreas Röhler | 30 Jun 09:12 2014

py-shell-name no longer buffer-local


as difficulties have been reported WRT py-shell-name and the like being buffer-local, consider to drop
that, making them normal vars.

Just FYI, please tell if any objections,

Andreas Röhler | 25 Jun 16:04 2014

TAB in script buffer


lately TAB in Python shell was bound to `py-shell-complete-or-indent'.

What about doing likewise in script buffers - where TAB is currently `py-indent-line'?

Unfortunatly the default completion-key M-TAB is used by most X-windows systems, so users must
re-configure first.

Binding it to TAB would solve that.

BTW in this case completion should only be called at end of line and with word before. Otherwise TAB would
`py-indent-line' - as a second TAB would do also.



Andreas Röhler | 14 Jun 17:29 2014

Reduce complexity

Hi Barry, hi all,


consider to drop two variables, which introduce complexity while not being that useful as expected.



which would insert a TAB if no completion is found.

The other:


`dabbrev-expand' is a well known feature at its own keys,
IMO doesn't pay to instrument it here.

Just FYI.

Should anybody want to keep the variables mentioned, please tell.


Andreas Röhler | 2 Jun 09:06 2014

TAB-completion in Python shell

Hi Barry, hi all,

completion in py-shell always was M-TAB

However, many people switching to python-mode.el expect TAB to complete there.

Here one from a bunch of reports:

Any suggestions?


Andreas Röhler | 28 May 13:48 2014

Big-Data mit Grenzen

Seid gegrüßt,

komme eben auf einen eher kritisch gehaltenen Aufsatz

der Python auf zweierlei Weise berührt:

- die Sprache dürfte derzeit zu einer der am meisten eingesetzten im Kontext gehören
- sie bietet m.E. bereits einen Lösungsansatz.

Eine Antwort auf die vorgetragene Kritik bestünde in der Verpflichtung der beteiligten Unternehmen,
für den Fall, daß personenbezogene Daten verarbeitet werden,
Informationsfreiheit zu gewährleisten, z. B. den Quellcode der eingesetzten Programme einsehbar zu machen.

Gibt es da eventuell bereits Initiativen seitens des Python Verbandes?


Andreas Röhler | 14 May 17:36 2014

Reducing number of forms

Hi Barry, hi all,

in order to shrink the python-mode.el codebase a little bit,

consider to support the following py-shell commands:

python, ipython, python2, python3, jython, bpython

Will drop

python3.3. python2.7 etc.

Calling other versions than default should be easy by mapping python3 onto PATH/TO/python3.4

for example.


Andreas Röhler | 1 May 17:47 2014

shipping cython-mode.el?

Hi Georg, hi all,

when looking for bug lp:1314921, there was a talk a time ago WRT shipping your version of cython-mode.el

IMO it would be convenient if users must not load it separately.

As it isn't that much code, could inline it into python-mode.el.

Also would like to make faces customizable, so Cython specific keywords might look different from others.
Default would remain as is.



Andreas Röhler | 21 Mar 18:11 2014

face of print

Function "print" currently gets font-lock-keyword-face, which doesn't seem correct.
IMO it should get py-builtins-face, right?

Just FYI,

Andreas Röhler | 19 Mar 18:21 2014

WRT parenthese errors in Python edits

Hi Barry, hi list,

r1449, while fixing lp:1294478, introduced a new behavior WRT to missing parenthesis.

   `py-end-of-statement' will stop at the end of line with related open paren.

   When `py-verbose-p' is `t', an error-message tells the reason.

   All other commands dealing with whole blocks will perform normally, but also issue an error-message, if
   `py-verbose-p' is on.

Comments welcome.
Maybe py-verbose-p isn't right here, need a `py-error-p'?